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Red Raider Gridiron | Mayfield: "It's Just A Better School"; More on Commits Nigel and Murphy

Former quarterback Baker Mayfield speaks about wanting to transfer from Texas Tech. Much more on the commitment of Nigel Bethel from last night. Plus, we get a peak into commit Justin Murphy.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Baker Mayfield really doesn't like Texas Tech or Kliff Kingsbury, so it appears.

You can read Mayfield's entire interview with ESPN, but most of you read it yesterday.  I tend to not believe things that are hearsay. There is also this Tulsa World article here that details the appeal process,but I think this article is actually incorrect in at least one instance, which is where it attempts to quote Kingsbury from an Statesman article, where Kingsbury is allegedly quoted as saying one of three quarterbacks would probably transfer.  I don't believe that Kingsbury ever said that.  I believe this is totally made up. We would have had 500 comments about this if Kingsbury had said that.

I'd also add that Mayfield's version that he wasn't going to be scholarshiped until the fall is awfully one-sided and it seems as if Mayfield has no issue with taking TNT to any bridges that may have been left.  Mayfield also says this he was graded higher than any other quarterback and doesn't understand why he was moved to the third string, especially after that incredibly awesome performance in Austin.  But more than anything, Mayfield said this:

It’s just a better school.

You can believe whoever you want, and there is probably some truth littered in his interview, but after reading that, I'm done with this guy.


Fueling Fan Toxicity: This article by Awful Announcing is just terrific, and it delves into how ESPN has helped fuel the flames of toxicity of college football fans (via Awful Announcing).  I don't know how else to describe it, but it's worth your time this morning.

TTU Commit Justin Murphy: Pretty good look at Texas Tech commit OL Justin Murphy (via KDHPressBox).  The article talks about how Murphy was 255 last year, how his dad played at Rice and his mom was a shot-putter there, and that now Murphy is 6-7/280.  Murphy is also described as a guy with a mean-streak on the field and is excited about joining Kliff Kingsbury and Texas Tech:

"I love the energy and the enthusiasm Kliff brings to it," Murphy said. "What they do there is really phenomenal with their passing game. I’ve always considered myself to be a more pass (protection) offensive tackle, so having them doing that really has drawn me to what they do."

When I watched film of Murphy, he was already technically sound from a pass protection stand-point.  Really excellent footwork for a junior in high school, very smooth.

More on TTU Commit Nigel Bethel: You can read all of the stories from last night, including the smashing of cake, about Miami commit Nigel Bethel de-committing from Miami and flipping to Texas Tech last night to the right. Bethel also spoke to the Miami Herald who had this to say as to his reason to go with Texas Tech (via Miami Herald):

"I felt the opportunity at Texas Tech was great for me," Bethel said. "I felt like I wanted to leave Miami and take my talents elsewhere. Nothing really that made me want to decommit. I just felt like getting away was a really good opportunity for me to go into a real college environment, and do what I got to do. I just don’t want to stay in Miami any longer."

More on Walk-on Tanner Tausch: Future walk-on QB Tanner Tausch talked about Kingsbury and the offense at Texas Tech (via DMN):

"They seem like good people, obviously very football intelligent," he told McKay. "The offenses that Coach Kingsbury has been associated with have had a lot of success, so you know that they know their stuff. I’m just excited to be a part of that and learn a little bit of that. Just being a part of that was exciting to me."

Feaux Pelini Speaks: We get a glimpse into the greatness of the guy that runs the Twitter account, Feaux Pelini (via Omaha).