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Red Raider Gridiron | Remedy the Run; Amaro, Bullitt and Davis Speak; Mayfield Honored

The coaching staff looks to remedy the running game. TE Jace Amaro, LB Terrance Bullitt and IR Jordan Davis speak after practice. QB Baker Mayfield receives a national honor.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

1.  Remedy the Run | The LAJ has a bit about how the team wants to remedy the run and a lot of the quotes are from Monday's presser, but this is from OL coach Lee Hays:

"Anytime you can’t run the ball at will, I’m disappointed," line coach Lee Hays said. "I think they did some things. They run kind of a seven-man front, but it’s kind of hidden. They’ll slant the 3-techniques (defensive tackles) and bring two guys off the edge, so you’ve got five on seven right there. The boss’s game plan for it did a great job. It’s tough, though, when they’re slanting and stuff like that. Obviously, we’ve got to do a better job up front."

This is true, that SMU has had a really good rush defense over the past two years. Maybe not top 10, but definitely top 20. That's not normally something that you think about SMU, but it is true, and they did seem to just know when Texas Tech was running the ball.

2.  Practice Interviews | You get TE Jace Amaro, LB Terrance Bullitt and IR Jordan Davis. Amaro says that SFA is typically a man-to-man team, but isn't expecting that. That he won't take SFA lightly. I'd also say in just listening to Amaro, he's so much more business-like in his interviews. Bullitt seems to know about the number of FCS teams beating FBS teams and I'm sure the coaches are hammering that point home to them. Davis said that his touchdown was trips with vertical routes and QB Baker Mayfield found him.

3.  Havin' Fun | FootballScoop said they watched a handful of games and had this thought while watching Texas Tech vs. SMU:

1. I watched a good bit of Kliff Kingsbury's opener at SMU. One observation that I kept noticing was how much fun the Texas Tech players appeared to be having on the sideline. Smiles and laughter, all the time. Kliff works them hard but clearly he teaches his players to have fun and stay loose. On the field they appear locked in (and produced results, to the tune of a 41-23 victory) but once on the sideline and helmets are off they sure do seem to be enjoying the game. Didn't see that at a lot of places.

4.   Mayfield Named 24/7 Sports True Freshman of Week | Congrats to QB Baker Mayfield for being named the 24/7 Sports true freshman of the week, where he beat out some notable true freshmen.

5.   Stadium Renovation | Totally Texas Tech with a new slideshow for Jones AT&T Stadium scoreboard renovation. Things are getting close!

6.   Red Raider Most Likely with Hyder | Courtney Davis and DT Kerry Hyder discuss who would be the Red Raider most likely to . . .

7.   Media Things | SI has quite a bit on the debut of the new Fox college football show and more on CRAIG JAMES GETTING FIRED.