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Red Raider Gridiron | Only Depth Chart Released; Players in the NFL

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The official site has released their only depth chart of the year. You can also catch up with former Texas Tech players in the NFL. QB Baker Mayfield receives accolades from ESPN and P Ryan Erxleben has been named the scholar athlete of the month.

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I'm somewhat taking it easy this morning, but I do have the anchor for the week long story stream set to go and the Big 12 Roundup (which is a post with links to the other SB Nation blogs for their reaction to the weekend's games).

  • The official site has their "preview" of SFA, but it's just game information and stuff like that. There is a depth chart (PDF) in the notes on page 10 and it lists Michael Brewer OR Davis Webb OR Baker Mayfield as the quarterback. Other than that, I didn't see much movement than what was listed against SMU by the LAJ. The injuries that we need to watch for updates at some point this week are LB Sam Eguavoen and RG Beau Carpenter.
  • The official site and the LAJ both have updates with players in the NFL. We had this discussion a bit last week whether or not this is an important thing. Maybe I should distinguish, for me personally, I hope that every player gets that opportunity and because I don't really follow or care about the NFL at all, this isn't all that important to me, but I do think it is important to tell recruits that they will give them a terrific education and an opportunity at the NFL. I think being able to sell that opportunity is important and I think that opposing coaches use it against Texas Tech. So for that reason, it's important to send players to the NFL. This summer, the baseball SID has been posting about Texas Tech players in the MLB and I think that they are establishing a track record here. I may not link to this ever week, but I hope all of these players stick and do well and have long careers if this is what they want.
  • Don't let these accolades fool you, ESPN still hates you, but they gave walk-on QB Baker Mayfield a helmet sticker and think that Mayfield can play a bit.
  • Congrats to P Ryan Erxleben for being named the Scholar Athlete of September. There may not be a player that I have a bigger soft spot for that Erxleben as he seems to be doing good things despite his dad being arrested for investor fraud and stuff. I can't imagine what that's like and I can't imagine having to compartmentalize this stuff in my head as a young person, so Ryan must be a pretty tough son of a gun mentally and I hope he stays that way.
  • Condolences to Guy Bailey, former Texas Tech President, and his family as his wife, Jan Bailey, finally lost her battle with cancer.

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