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Red Raider Gridiron | Amaro on Biletnikoff; Washington Talks Fumble

TE Jace Amaro is added to the Biletnikoff Award Watch List; RB DeAndre Washington talks about his fumble and his relationship with HC Kliff Kingsbury.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Does anyone else somewhat feel that the summer has officially kicked your rear. It's been hot and muggy here in the DFW for a few weeks and I officially said "uncle" this weekend as I was just tired of the heat. I'm ready for some cooler weather.

  • Amaro Named To Biletnikoff Award Watch List | Congrats to TE Jace Amaro for deservedly being named to the Biletnikoff Award Watch List.
  • Buy An Awesome Book | Friend of VTM TTURed on Totally Texas Tech has two coffee table books and if you are an early Christmas shopper (my wife already has our child's Christmas list ready to go) and you have a Red Raider to buy for I can hardly think of a better gift and now they are 20% off.
  • Wilson Flips to Texas Tech | Kansas St. commit, S Connor Wilson, and fellow teammate of fellow Texas Tech commit, Ian Sadler, has flipped from Kansas St. to Texas Tech. I'll have a profile coming up soon, sometime later today (it's going to be a really busy day on VTM). WreckEm 24/7 has quite a bit on Wilson, as does the DMN and the Denton Record Chronicle.
  • Alphabetical and Numerical | This week's The Alphabetical and The Numerical from our SB Nation brethren. Also from SB Nation's Football Study Hall is the Beyond the Box Score look at TCU vs. Texas Tech.
  • Washington Talks Fumble | From the LAJ, RB DeAndre Washington discusses his infamous fumble last week and how his head coach Kliff Kingsbury didn't admonish him, but told him that it happens and to go score again. Washington shared his thoughts about his coach:
    "I think that’s what makes coach Kingsbury the way he is," Washington said. "How we’re able to interact with him, the way he interacts with us, it’s not all about just yelling at us 24-7 to get his point across. I respect that about him.

    "I think that makes coach Kingsbury the guy he is. He’s real cool, real laid back. He never gets too worked up, never gets too stressed out, and that kind of carries over to the team. We try to keep calm and never let the adversity get the best of us."
  • Mahomes Solid & Commit Statistics | There's an article on Scout that is normally behind a paywall, but isn't right now on how QB Patrick Mahomes still likes committing to Texas Tech. I don't know if I'll ever really understand these types of articles as a kid could be sold to one college program one day and then flip and it really doesn't matter other than internal fan angst, but I think this stuff really sells (i.e. Is player X going to flip to another school? click here to find out . . . ). Either way, I think Mahomes is a terrific prospect and he's only going to get better and I think it's pretty cool to be Kingsbury's hand-picked quarterback. Just want until next fall when we get the quarterback controversity machine really rolling: Brewer, Mayfield, Webb and Mahomes.

    Also from WreckEm 24/7 are the statistics of the Texas Tech commits and a couple of cool things. Projected inside receiver Cameron Batson is quarterbacking for his Milwood, Oklahoma team and playing defense.