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RESULTS | Which Freshman Do You Think Will Have Their Redshirt season Removed?

The readers of VTM weighed in on the question of which freshmen would play their freshman year and have their redshirts removed.


The results are in from the post about which freshman you thought would have their redshirt removed. I had to pick a point to stop accepting submissions and I stopped after 276 results, which is a pretty good number and here are your results.

Player No % Yes %
Dee Paul 53 19% 205 74%
Joshua Outlaw 51 18% 199 72%
Poet Thomas 86 31% 162 59%
Dylan Cantrell 99 36% 147 53%
D.J. Polite-Bray 118 43% 125 45%
Gary Moore 117 42% 120 43%
Davis Webb 136 49% 115 42%
Kahlee Woods 133 48% 111 40%
Baylen Brown 150 54% 81 29%
Jalen Barnes 161 58% 74 27%
Malik Jenkins 168 61% 61 22%
Caleb Woodward 191 69% 38 14%
Zach Barnes 194 70% 35 13%
Cody Hayes 191 69% 32 12%
Jacarthy Mack 191 69% 30 11%
Justis Nelson 193 70% 30 11%
Carlos Thompson 209 76% 17 6%

I was very much surprised about some of the results, in particular Poet Thomas coming in third as a guy that you all think will play, along with Joshua Outlaw. I was listening to the Ask Level segment this morning (the one from yesterday afternoon) and he said that it would be unlikely for OL coach Lee Hays to want to play a true freshman and that most likely, Outlaw would need another year. Thomas wasn't mentioned at all.

The winner here was Dee Paul, the freshman cornerback from Munday and this morning, CB coach Kevin Curtis noted that Bruce Jones and Olaoluwa Falemi had locked up the starting spots and the others needed to catch up a bit.

I am a bit surprised that LB Kahlee Woods didn't garner more votes or S Jalen Barnes, especially after the spring discussions about how these might be positions of need. I'm also surprised that Dylan Cantrell got just a shade over 50% of the vote.

I've always been of the philosophy that redshirt years are good years and the idea is that you want your true freshmen to be able to redshirt. Most guys coming out of high school normally are physically ready, especially when they are lining up against guys that may be four years older. It makes sense that a player that has a year to get into a proper weight room and be able to train in a college program will be more prepared after a year of that sort of training. An opportunity to get bigger stronger and faster. There are always examples of players that are ready or need to play.

Of the fourteen true freshman that actually made it on campus last year from the 2012 class, I think I counted three players that had their redshirt removed: Michael Starts, Jared Kaster and Micah Awe. I think an average of three is probably a pretty good number for every year.

I think I entered all of the numbers correctly on the table, but you can double-check my math. Fee free to click on the graphic or click here for a full size (and it's a pretty big graphic).