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Post Game Thread: Texas Tech Wins All The Games

Texas Tech holds on for a 41-23 win over SMU. Many Red Raider fans are upset because they expected to win by 100 points and put everybody in Dallas in the hospital. Let's discuss.

Ronald Martinez

Here's what we know:

1. It was 110 degrees on the field and most of the players held up pretty well (see Clowney, Jadeveon and Matthews, Jordan)

2. Vegas odds-makers favored Tech in this game by 4.5 points. They won by 18. Also, Vegas odds-makers are rich. They don't miss very often and they have big gold Jet Skis. So were we all smarter than them and knew that Tech shoulda been favored by 565 points? If Tech was favored by 565 points and only won by 18, would everyone be pissed?

3. The offensive line needs some work. A lot of work.

4. The defense was impressive. Argue with me here, but watch SMU this year. They've got a prolific offense and we basically shut them down.

5. Our new HC managed the game well. He's only been coaching for 5 years, and he controls the sideline.

6. Kansas State lost and they have a wizard for a coach. Anything can happen, and we won tonight. By 18.

7. My poor daughter is going to be subjected to water splashes every week, first thing in the morning. Sorry honey.

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Did I miss anything? I can't imagine I missed anything.

Let's hug it out.

Let's hug it out and talk about Carlos.