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SB Nation's Big 12 Primer on Defenses

SB Nation's Big 12 bloggers opine about their own Big 12 defenses.

Reese Strickland-US PRESSWIRE

Many thanks to our SB Nation and Big 12 overlord Peter Bean for putting all of these wonderful cards together. Peter asked each of the Big 12 blogs about their respective team defenses, who was lost, who was added, grading each unit, etc. I was probably too harsh on TTU, but I don't think it's a stretch to be worried about the linebackers.

So here goes, it's a chance for you all to get educated on the Big 12 in a completely harmless and easy fashion. After you read through the team experts' takes on their own units, which defense are you most concerned about facing heading into the season? Any predictions on any of these opposing units?

Note: click on any of the team cards to visit the team's SB Nation blog.

K-State overview provided by TB.

OU overview provided by M. Hofeld.

UT overview provided by PB, Wescott, and nobis60.

OSU overview provided by Robert Whetsell.

Baylor overview provided by PB.

Texas Tech overview provided by Seth C.

TCU overview provided by HawkeyedFrog.

West Virginia overview provided by WVUIE97.

ISU overview provided by CanAzn.

Kansas overview provided by Owen.