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Red Raider Gridiron | Mayfield and Webb May Both Play Against SMU

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury may play both freshmen QB's in Baker Mayfield and Davis Webb. RB coach Mike Jinks was only going to leave Steele for a Big 12 job.


1. Both Quarterbacks May Play | Head coach Kliff Kingsbury spoke to the media yesterday and he let on that he wasn't really sure what they were going to do regarding the quarterbacks, but he did say that both of them may play. He said that the staff would get together on Sunday night and really work on some things. The most important trait, just winning the game.

For actual quotes and stuff, you can read the LAJ, DMN or SAEN. Here's Kingsbury:

"Davis was here in the spring," Kingsbury said. "He’s a fast learner, coach’s kid, really strong arm, big, athletic (and) loves football. And Baker, you know, coming from Lake Travis, won a bunch of games, is used to winning, scrappy guy, runs around and makes plays. Both guys can get it done. They just get it done different ways."

And here's IR Sadale Foster:

"I was really surprised when Davis came in the spring and just the overall authority he had over the team," senior running back-receiver Sadale Foster said. "I didn’t expect that from a freshman guy. He just shows that he has a lot of poise as quarterback and that just made us, as an offense, more confident in him.

"Baker has been able to do it as well. He just does it in a different way. They’re totally different guys but they have the same purpose, to win games. Baker is more of a humorous guy, but Davis is humorous too but he knows when to get serious. They both get the job done in different ways."

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2. Receiver Preview | Before getting to the preview, congrats to WR Eric Ward for being named to the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Watch List, which says is the best offensive player that went to high school or JUCO in Texas. The official site has their positional preview of the receivers:

3. Jinks Drawn to Kingsbury | The LAJ talks with Mike Jinks and what his appeal in leaving an incredibly successful high school program for Texas Tech. Jinks had it going for him at Steele:

"I’m sitting in a situation where I was athletic director and they just gave me a big, long contract and my wife’s a principal in the district, and I’ve got 10 years until I could retire," the 41-year-old coach said. "I wasn’t leaving unless it was a situation where it was a man I knew would have my best interests at heart."

And Jinks also talks about how he feels like he's representing Texas high school coaches:

"The Texas high school football coaches have been an unbelievable resource," he said. "There’s a lot of guys out there in the state of Texas that want to see Mike Jinks be successful, because I’m one of them. All those high school guys want to be the next one, so anything you can do, the more guys like myself that go off and are able to have some success, the more doors can be opened."

4. Amaro Sleeker | Hmm, when you watch the receiver preview, Co-OC and IR coach Eric Morris seemed to indicate that TE Jace Amaro is 270, but after practice yesterday, via the SAEN, it was noted that fellow Co-OC and WR coach Sonny Cumbie said that Amaro has lost weight. Controversy! Just kidding, I really don't care how much he weighs, but it isn't 270 and probably closer to the 255-260 or so range, which is probably about right for someone as lanky as Amaro. Here's Cumbie:

"I think Jace has challenged himself this summer," Cumbie said. "He’s shed some weight and is running really well. He’s in as good of shape as he’s been in the three years he’s been here."

5. Chris Fowler Talks College GameDay | SI has a good interview with a guy that I really like, ESPN's Chris Fowler. I enjoyed this.

6. Connelly's Preview of SMU | This is some terrific timing, SBN's Billy Connelly has his preview of the SMU Mustangs and you will learn more here than anywhere else.

7. The NCAA Owns You | Sports on Earth has a story about how a college player started his own business. The NCAA told him that he couldn't start his own business, but the NCAA also told him that they owned his likeness.

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