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Red Raider Gridiron | High School Coaches Discussing Webb & Mayfield; Defensive Depth Rounding Out

Co-DC Matt Wallersted discusses the depth at cornerback, safety and linebacker. The high school coaches discuss the quarterback situation of Baker Mayfield and Davis Webb.

Ronald Martinez

1.  Practice Report | Co-DC Matt Wallerstedt and S Tre' Porter talk about the scrimmage from the weekend.

As far as some of those things that Wallerstedt and Porter discuss, we have the LAJ and their notebook of things, including Wallerstedt talk about the cornerback spot and how some of the backups are stepping up their game:

"That’s been one that’s been kind of a shuffling of the cards," Wallerstedt said. "Derrick Mays and Jeremy Reynolds being back in the mix has put a nice little spin on everything, if we can keep those guys healthy.

"(Redshirt freshman) Theirry Nguema has had a good camp. He’s still growing. (True freshman) Dee Paul is a young guy, first camp. He’s still learning, maybe at times a little overwhelmed, but then shows flashes."

Also of note is that Keenon Ward looks like he will be the third safety, LB Sam Eguavoen and Will Smith are the starters at the inside linebacker spots. The other options at linebacker are Micah Awe, Blake Dees and Zach Winbush.

The also DMN has some quotes from Wallerstedt too.

2.  SMU Links | The DMN reports that SMU is adding lawn seats as it appears that this game will be sold out.  Also from the DMN, June Jones talks that he's seen plenty of Kingsbury and knows what to expect from Texas Tech and there are also questions that SMU needs to answer before next Friday.

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3.  Mayfield vs. Webb | We have a couple of different things in comparing QB's Baker Mayfield and Davis Webb.  In no surprise, RRS talks with QB David Piland from Houston about then OC Kliff Kingsbury and how he helped Piland get ready to play as a true freshman:

"When it was chaos," he said, "I had seen it so many times that my instincts were changed from freaked out, to, 'Hey, you've done it a thousand times because he (Kingsbury) made you do it a thousand times, and you know exactly what to do even though it's a lot faster than anything you could practice.'"

The LAJ also spoke with former Longhorn recruiting coordinator Randy Rogers who had some good things to say about Mayfield:

"I think his best asset is his overall athleticism," Rodgers said. "He can run. He can throw. He can throw the deep ball. He’s got good accuracy, and certainly in Lake Travis’ offense, he got a lot of experience and a lot of reps at throwing the football.

"I just like his leadership skills. The times I saw him, particularly as a senior at Lake Travis, he could put that team on his back and carry them with all the different things that coaches were asking him to do.

"Having said that, of course it’s a big step up from high school senior to Big 12 starter in one year. It’s probably not what Kliff wants to do, but hey, guys get nicked up, next man up."

And RRS also talks with Mayfield and Webb's high school coaches, and as you might expect, they love the guy they coached. Mayfield is discussed too, but here's a bit about Webb:

"Davis is a unique individual," Atkinson said. "He's the most unique quarterback I've been around, and I've been around some good ones in the last 22 years. He's just a driven kid and he has the tenacity, the work ethic, the comradery with his teammates, the leadership. He has all the things you need in your toolbox to be productive."

4.  Big 12 & College Football Links | Football Study Hall dives deep into the Longhorns and SI's Martin Rickman hates us too as he picks Baylor as his team to watch in the Big 12. Shakin The Southland has a very comprehensive look at the 3-4 defense.  Also, from Football Study Hall is a bit on apparent talent and coaching effect, and you don't even have to look as you know that Bill Snyder is at the top of the list for the ability to coach.

5.  Fox Sports 1 Links | I may be the only one that finds this interesting, but Awful Announcing takes a long look at the debut of Fox Sports Live and FS1 pokes the bear about who is having more fun, ESPN or FS1.

6.  Stadium Renovation Pictures | Totally Texas Tech with some new stadium renovation and video board pictures.  They may need to start working nights!  On a persona level, I hope TTURed's wife's back is okay and it's great to see him back.

7.  Catching Up With Williams | The LAJ catches up with former Red Raider Marlon Williams, who has been on MTV's Real World.

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