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Texas Tech Friday Morning Links on VTM | Wallerstedt Ready; Look at Hurla; Ward Profiled

Co-DC Matt Wallerstedt is ready for the season. A look at walk-on WR Jacob Hurla. WR Eric Ward knows the NFL will always be there and wants to get his masters degree.

Doug Pensinger

1. Wallerstedt Ready | The LAJ talks with Co-DC Matt Wallerstedt and how he is adjusting to being the fifth defensive coordinator in five years for Texas Tech and how he is adjusting to the process. Wallerstedt also talks about the undersized defense:

"But I’ve been in that situation at Air Force (2008-11)," Wallerstedt said, "where we were undersized every week and saw a lot of success with guys who were playing with good technique. The scheme will be aggressive enough and confusing enough to make the quarterback earn his scholarship and keep the offensive linemen guessing. We’re going to have to play full speed and know where our fits are and play aggressive.

"I think the biggest thing here is the takeaway numbers have to go up. We’ve talked about that and stressed that since we hit the ground here. If we can get the takeaway numbers up, we can win a couple more games from that alone."

There are a couple of interesting things there, so go check out the whole thing. I'd also add that head coach Kliff Kingsbury and Wallerstedt continue to praise former DC Art Kaufman, stating that he's a good coach and did a good job. I can't help but get the impression that Kaufman is very much well-respected despite his ties to Tuberville. I really enjoyed watching him teach last year.

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2. Hurla Under the Microscope | The LAJ takes a look at preferred walk-on receiver Jacob Hurla (6-3/190), from Butler C.C. and who was teamed with former Texas Tech commit Javess Blue. Co-OC and IR coach Eric Morris talks about Hurla:

"No question. Yeah," said Tech co-offensive coordinator Eric Morris, who coaches inside receivers. "He turned down a couple of scholarship opportunities. He’s a kid that we really liked on tape. He just kind of wanted to play big-time ball, believed in himself, and you’ll take those any day."

3. Ward Turns Down the Money | The DMN goes back to the Big 12 Media Days to take a look at his education, that he married his high school sweetheart and has a child with her and how he values education. Go read the whole things.

4. Can't Stop Don't Stop | Totally Texas Tech has got to be exhausted as he tries to keep pace with the construction of the video board and stadium renovation. Things are happening quickly and he's keeping you informed.

5. Big 12 Football News | Per CACM, backup QB Kendal Thompson has a broken ankle, will miss a lot of fall camp, but might be ready to start the season. And per FOW, starting LT Tayo Fabuluje has quit the team and according to those FOW folks, the offensive line is the weakest link.

6. Adams and Team USA Continue | The official site has an update on Luke Adams and he continues play in the Deaflympics.

7. The #2 Moment and Adding a Transfer | The official site continues their countdown for the best moments last year and the #2 moment was making it into the NCAA Tournament. Also, head coach Tom Stone has added OU transfer player Jade Dapaah. Welcome Jade!

8. Catching Up with Hodges | The official site and Brandon Rawe catch up with former Red Raider Cody Hodges:

9. Individual Tickets Available | The official site has details on individual tickets on sale. Get 'em while you can.

10. A Decade of Receivers | Football Study Hall has a look at the past decade of receivers, including some notable Red Raiders.

11. #longreads | SB Nation with a look at an action sports (skateboarding and bikes and things) camp.

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