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Texas Tech Links on VTM | Soccer, Volleyball and Football Links

The soccer team continues to receive preseason praise. The volleyball team will play an inter-squad scrimmage on August 24th. A look at the talent and depth at the receiver position.

Mitch Freedman riding Lake Sententia (L) during trackwork session at Lady Bay beach on August 16, 2013 in Warrnambool, Australia.
Mitch Freedman riding Lake Sententia (L) during trackwork session at Lady Bay beach on August 16, 2013 in Warrnambool, Australia.
Vince Caligiuri

This is your week-end link post where I try to combine all of the links from the week on as many sports as possible.

1.  Soccer | Congrats to Hayley Haagsma for being named the Scholar-Athlete of the month of August!  Janine Beckie continues to garner preseason attention as she was named the second team preseason All-American for College Sports Madness (official site).  And the soccer team continues to be thought of as a very good team as they are ranked #24 in the NSCAA Preseason Rankings.

2.  Volleyball | The volleyball team will play their Red & Black inter-squad scrimmage on August 24th.

Viva The Matadors

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3.  Tennis | The schedule was released for the 2013-14 season for the Lady Raider tennis team.

4.  Baseball | Per the official site, Bryan Simpson was named as the head baseball trainer for the baseball team.

5.  Football | I think that head coach Kliff Kingsbury is set to meet with the media at 11:00 am this morning and I think he'll still play things close to the vest no matter what because that's how he's been since he arrived.  Again, i'm fine with that.

The LAJ has a bit on the receivers and TE Jace Amaro thinks that this group is stacked with talent (and he is right):

"I feel like across the board we’re probably one of the top skill positions from quarterback to running back," Amaro said. "Our running backs are deep. You’ve got Kenny (Williams), DeAndre (Washington), and I just personally don’t think they’re going to be able to guard every single one of us. If they do choose to guard me, it’s just going to open up Eric, Jakeem or Bradley, and I just feel like they’re not going to be able to do that."

And WR Bradley Marquez talks about how competition is fierce:

"It’s a healthy, good battle amongst all of us," Marquez said. "The biggest thing is we want to see each other be successful. We want to help each other out. Sometimes other guys may do things a little bit better than others and they can help you out with how they do things and help you better your craft. We have a great relationship in our position group as a whole and so we just have pretty much a family in here."

This is indefensible, SI's Martin Rickman has chosen SMU as his team to follow this year. I feel like the stars are aligning against Texas Tech.

PredictionMachine does some sort of thing where they play the season 50,000 times and the results are that Texas Tech finishes 7th and 37th in the nation.

6. Allison on Hires | MyWestTexas talks with Rodney Allison who spoke at a Midland country club talked about AD Kirby Hocutt's hires:

"From my viewpoint, especially from an ex player's standpoint, I thought it was a brilliant move because it reunited the fan base again," said Allison, who quarterbacked the Red Raiders from 1974 to 1977 and was the 1976 Southwest Conference MVP. "Then you throw in the deal with Candi Whitaker as the new women's basketball coach who played at Tech. And coach (Tim) Tadlock, the baseball coach, played at Tech. There seems to be a pattern going on with (athletic director) Koby Hocutt about getting these people to come here to coach that understand the facets of Lubbock and West Texas."

7. Bilas on the NCAA | This is a few days old and I enjoy reading about the media, which I think makes me old, but SI's Richard Dietsch talks with ESPN's Jay Bilas and how he shut down the NCAA selling numbered jerseys of players. Bilas dances to the beat of his own drum.

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