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Red Raider Gridiron | Media Blackout Continues; Kaster on Hays

The media blackout continues and life continues to go on. Jared Kaster talks Duck Dynasty and OL coach Lee Hays.

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1. DMN Preview | My dad subscribes to the DMN and asked me last night about what day the DMN would do their big preview of Texas Tech. I told him I have no idea, but now I can tell him and you that this day is here. The DMN has a preview from Chuck Carlton and a slideshow (!). This was good. I enjoyed reading the DMN article, although I didn't not look at the slideshow.

2. Watch the Scrimmage | The TTU video folks released a time-lapse of the scrimmage on Saturday. You won't be able to gain any insight from watching this, but I liked it.

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3. Media Blackout Raises Questions | The Amarillo-Globe News opines that head coach Kliff Kingsbury's media blackout raises questions and that Kingsbury needs to take charge of the situation:

Tech needs to get on top of this story and the sooner the better. They need to control it, and not the other way around. The best way to do that is the most simple -- tell the truth. Not that Kingsbury has not told the truth, but that he hasn't said anything and apparently isn't going to for a while.

Just say what you know. Nobody is asking for charts and graphs. Just be up front as to the extent of Brewer's injury and his availability. Then everyone goes forward. Sometimes college athletic programs make it harder than it should be.

But this week of silence as the start of the season builds looks a little silly and is making a story and rumors mushroom instead of shrinking.

Maybe it's just me, but other than selfishly wanting to have new content to post, I really don't care about this. I know that a day will come when I won't have any links to post because everything will be under a paywall and the only free information will be from the official site. At some point, I will definitely have to create my own content and not piggy-back off of any other news outlets. If Kingsbury wants to be tight lipped then who cares? I don't think that anyone is asking that Kingsbury open up practices other than the media.

Ed. I also meant to add some thoughts about how much we are really able to tell about the practice reports, but I got distracted by the dog.  They're good to feed curiosity, but it's not as if we can totally rely on those reports.

I don't find this silly at all, I'm sure there's some rational for it and even if Kingsbury was opening up practices or give some availability there would still be a quarterback controversy.

Long story short, it's really not that big of a deal.

4. Kaster Likes Duck Dynasty | The LAJ talks with C Jared Kaster about his affinity for the reality show Duck Dynasty and also the battle at center. Here's Kaster on OL coach Lee Hays:

"With coach Hays, he’s shown me stuff to improve to get depth from the defensive line and being able to, I guess you could say, operate with more strength and more force against the defensive line," Kaster said. "But yeah snapping, there’s a lot to worry about: snap, then make the call first, then snap, then block, then run to the ball. Yeah, it’s a skill."

5. Batch Fighting for a Job | The LAJ has a bit from former Red Raider Baron Batch, who is fighting for a job at the running back spot. I really hope he makes it.

6. The AP on Texas Tech and Kingsbury | The NCAA (via the AP) has what I think is a season preview of Texas Tech and head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

7. Dedfischer on the Big 12 | Always enjoyable dedfischer from Barking Carnival gives his thoughts on the offensive and defensive units for the Big 12. I think he's got Texas Tech about right, but I do think that Texas Tech's success or going to be dependent on the quarterback play.

8. Football Study Hall with a Decade of Quarterbacks | If you like numbers, then you'll enjoy perusing Football Study Hall's look at the last ten years of quarterbacks. Lots of Texas Tech mentions and ctrl+f is your friend.

9. NCAA Rule on Quoting and Linking to Recruiting Sites | I found this interesting, Bylaw Blog writes that a new NCAA rule prohibits colleges from linking to recruiting sites, but can quote from them. I am guessing that this is probably only interesting to just a few people.

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