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Red Raider Gridiron | No Media Availability Until Friday; Jones Plays Bigger

There will be no media availability until Friday of this week. It doesn't matter to CB Bruce Jones that he's not the biggest cornerback.


1. No Media Availability | Welp, apparently head coach Kliff Kingsbury has put the screws down on the media availability for the rest of the week or so. I'm not real good and trying to hypothesize into these sorts of things, but it does seem to coincide with what IR Jakeem Grant said regarding QB Michael Brewer's back injury. Then the scrimmage happened on Saturday and there hasn't been anything that has been reported on that.

I don't get too anxious about really anything and this is no different. Brewer may have a bit of a bad back, but all of this talk may be precautionary. It may just be letting some of the other guys go because he's got the job all sewn up. Brewer may be an absolute broken-man who can't even walk upright. I really don't know and I don't know how beneficial it is for your health to speculate. So we'll figure out other things to think about.

2. Jones Doesn't Back Down | The LAJ profiles CB Bruce Jones, and fellow Riverside CC teammate IR Sadale Jones says that Jones is a guy that thinks he's bigger than his 5'8" frame:

"Ever since I’ve known him, he’s been a scrappy guy," said Foster, the Tech running back and receiver. "He wants to get in there and be that guy that’s trying to make big hits. Bruce is a guy who’s probably around 5-8, but the way he plays the game, in his mind, he feels like he’s 6-3. I love that about him. He has confidence unlike anyone else."

And Jones hasn't changed his approach from last year:

"It’s the same as any year, I would say," Jones said. "A little bit more is expected out of me, from myself and from coaches, just because I’m a senior. I feel like it’s my time to do it. But as a corner, you’ve always got a lot of responsibility."

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3. Johnson Commits | Ennis S Jah'Shawn Johnson became commitment #17 for Texas Tech. The LAJ and DMN both have free articles. I've got my write-up later today.

4. Webb's Journey | RRS has an article on QB Davis Webb's journey to Texas Tech. I'm trying to write a post to summarize what I think about Webb and Brewer and that whole controversy.

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8. #68 | The NFL's Gil Brandt ranks the top 100 seniors for the NFL Draft and have WR Eric Ward as the #68 best senior. This would be about a third round pick for some team I think.

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