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Looking Towards 2014 | The Texas Tech Offense

We haven't even kicked off in 2013, but it's always to good idea to stay ahead of the game and look ahead as to who might be significant players in 2012. Up first is the offense.

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What? We can't even enjoy 2013?

Someone had asked for a look at the positions from a standpoint of who are the current seniors and who will be here next year. Since I like to do things and thanks for TTpilk645 for putting together a spreadsheet to make this sort of thing easily sortable, we've got a look at who the seniors are for this year's team, but it's also good to have an eye looking towards 2014 and beyond. To make this a bit easier to consume, I've divided the posts into the offense and a second post with the defense and special teams that should post later this week.

Even though the title to the post is for 2014, I do think it does give a pretty good look of where the experience is for this team (hint -- it's on the defense) this year. Still, college football is a game where coaches are always churning the roster and it gives you a pretty decent idea of where things stand looking toward 2014 and beyond.

Offensive Line

No. Last Name First Name Position Ht. Wt. Year Experience
71 Fortenberry Rashad OL 6' 5" 285 SR 1L
63 Polk James OL 6' 6" 335 JR 2L
72 Carpenter Beau OL 6' 6" 285 JR 2L
74 White Joey OL 6' 4" 320 JR TR
56 Morales Alfredo OL 6' 3" 320 SO 1L
62 Clark Le'Raven OL 6' 5" 320 SO 1L
75 Kaster Jared OL 6' 3" 275 SO 1L
51 Morales Tony OL 6' 3" 315 SO SQ
67 Wilson Matt OL 6' 6" 280 SO SQ
78 Snider Blake OL 6' 6" 255 SO TR
58 Outlaw Josh OL 6' 3" 290 FR HS
61 Renteria Emiliano OL 6' 3" 295 FR HS
65 Brown Baylen OL 6' 4" 305 FR HS
66 Messer Ryan OL 6' 4" 275 FR HS
70 Hayes Cody OL 6' 5" 275 FR HS
79 Thomas Poet OL 6' 5" 335 FR HS
77 Keenan Trey OL 6' 6" 270 FR RS

This is good news, right? The idea is that the offensive line this year is young, but there's a ton youth. In looking at all of these, of the position groups with a handful of moving parts (i.e. five different positions) I think that the offensive line sets up the best moving forward. There will be a ton of options this year, even though this group was a bit decimated with injuries during the spring, but that was temporary. There are lots of options, and moving forward, there are a lot of options.

The transfers of Blake Snider and Joey White are really welcome additions to this group and were a welcome surprise when the roster came out. I have no idea how good they are, although I know that they both played to some extent, so they're not penciled in as starters or anything like that, but they'll certainly add depth in 2012 and beyond.

I'd also add that with the true freshmen, I think Texas Tech has a couple of elite athletes that could eventually play left tackle, who are Joshua Outlaw and Cody Hayes. The hope is that one of them can work out at that spot eventually, but the both have the athleticism to play there. That's a good thing.


No. Last Name First Name Position Ht. Wt. Year Experience
16 Brewer Michael QB 6' 1" 185 SO 1L
6 Mayfield Baker QB 6' 2" 220 FR HS
7 Webb Davis QB 6' 4" 195 FR HS
10 Bowen Collin QB 6' 3" 200 FR HS
15 Nicholas Clayton QB 6' 3" 220 FR RS

This is the position group that concerns me the most beause there's just a lot of young players with no real upper-classmen for leadership. I suppose that will happen when you have a guy like Brewer that passes some of the veterans in Scotty Young and Jacob Karam on the roster.

The two newcomers are Baker Mayfield, who played at the same high school as Brewer, and Collin Bowen, from Randall and was a real dual threat quarterback. During the recruiting process, Collin's dad had emailed me and I politely told him that I couldn't communicate with potential recruits or their families, but if Collin ever did enroll at Texas Tech, to get back to me. Co-DC Mike Smith was apparently a big factor in Collin switching his commitment from Texas St. to Texas Tech as Collin felt that he could compete at the Division I level and in my mind, there's no doubt about that. The coaches are going to give him a shot at quarterback, but Collin could eventually play multiple spots. And don't sleep on Mayfield, he's more of a traditional spread quarterback, probably not the strongest arm, but he was more than good at Lake Travis. It's always strange how buys like Bowen and Mayfield don't get bigger offers. The same could be said about Hagen Hutchinson, from Stamford, who is playing at Midwestern St., but was the offensive and defensive MVP for Class 1A and led Stamford to a state title.

Long-term, everything seems fine, but I guess that depends on who gets the starts for this year and if a player eventually decides to transfer. Selfishly, I hope they all stay and compete for that spot. Anything can happen, but I understand the desire to get snaps and play.

Running Back

No. Last Name First Name Position Ht. Wt. Year Experience
33 Ontiveros Omar FB 6' 1" 245 SR 2L
8 Foster Sadale RB 5' 7" 185 SR 1L
29 Talbott Josh RB 6' 0" 200 SR SQ
24 Middleton Tyler RB 6' 0" 190 JR TR
34 Williams Kenny RB 5' 9" 225 JR 2L
21 Washington DeAndre RB 5' 8" 190 SO 1L
40 Hall Rodney RB 5' 10" 245 SO TR
37 White Quinton RB 5' 7" 200 FR RS
49 Weh-Weh Armond RB 5' 11" 205 FR HS

For the first time in what seems like a long time, there was no freshman running back. I'm actually okay with that as you can see, there are only three seniors and yes, I stuck Foster here, but as you all know he'll play both inside receiver and running back. Ontiveros, who I didn't recall playing during the spring, as he was recovering from an injury earlier in the 2012 year. And Talbott is a walk-on (hat-tip for sticking around as I know he's been here for a while).

The two juniors, are Williams and Middleton. Middleton could be redshirted, and he's already mentioned that this is a possibility. After that, you have a couple of sophomores in Washington and Hall. Hall is from Tyler JC and as you can tell from his size, probably more of a blocking black. I can't tell you a lot about Weh Weh, but I can point you to his YouTube and an article in the Houston Chronicle where in October he was the second leading rusher in his district. And I think White is the next big thing when Williams graduates.

So overall, this is a pretty good mix of seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen, but no true freshmen. That will be rectified next year as Justin Stockton and Demarcus Felton are both committed (we'll see, but I"m hopeful) and will add two smaller and quicker backs, similar to Washington.


No. Last Name First Name Position Ht. Wt. Year Experience
18 Ward Eric WR 6' 0" 205 SR 3L
35 DeFrance Brandon WR 5' 11" 185 SR SQ
87 Fisher Aaron WR 6' 2" 200 SR 3L
4 Marquez Bradley WR 5' 11" 200 JR 2L
9 Corker Shawn WR 6' 1" 190 JR 2L
82 Mitcham Brent WR 5' 8" 185 JR SQ
83 Hurla Jacob WR 6' 3" 190 JR TR
85 Davis Jordan WR 5' 9" 170 JR 1L
22 Amaro Jace WR/TE 6' 5" 260 JR 2L
11 Grant Jakeem WR 5' 6" 160 SO 1L
19 Edwards Derreck WR 6' 1" 165 SO 1L
27 Pearson Brad WR 6' 3" 210 SO 1L
2 Davis Reginald WR 6' 0" 190 FR RS
14 Cantrell Dylan WR 6' 2" 205 FR HS
28 Wheeler Dominique WR 6' 1" 185 FR RS
80 Eubank Grant WR 5' 9" 155 FR HS
84 Austin Zach WR 6' 0" 170 FR HS
86 Williams Peyton WR 6' 1" 180 FR TR
88 Weishuhn Hunter WR 6' 5" 230 FR HS
3 Polite-Bray D.J. WR/TE 6' 1" 175 FR HS
5 Moore Gary WR/TE 6' 5" 220 FR HS
13 Thompson Carlos IR 5' 9" 175 FR HS

Last year, it seemed like Texas Tech lost a ton of seniors, which is why there is a bit of concern as to who is going to do what this year. Alex Torres, Austin Zouzalike, Darrin Moore, and Tyson Williams were big parts of the rotation last year. There's really only one significant senior on this team, Ward, with DeFrance having some nice spring games, and Fisher has seemingly battled back from injury more times than note.

Thirteen of the twenty-two or so receivers are underclassmen, but there's really good quality at the top with some of the guys that are just juniors. Marquez, Amaro and Corker have all been around. Hurla and Davis are relatively new, Davis was on the team last year and earned a scholarship, while Hurla is a JUCO transfer.

And then you have some sophomores, like Grant who is emerging and Derreck Edwards, who is still figuring things out. There's plenty of time, but his time is coming if he's going to make a move.

It does seem like the coaching staff did double-down with five freshmen that they brought in, P. Williams, Thompson, Moore, Polite-Bray and Cantrell. I'm still really excited about what Davis and Wheeler have the potential to do because they as athletic as anyone on the team, just had to learn the nuance of receiver.