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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Links on VTM | Ward, White and Cantrell Under the Microscope; 14,000,000 Page Views

Keenon Ward, Quinton White and Dylan Cantrell go under the Microscope in the LAJ. 14,000,000 page views for VTM. More photos of the videoboard. Bradley Marquez returns from the Mets.

Professional surfer Jamie O'Brien stands with his surfboard after coming out of the water at The Wedge at sunset.
Professional surfer Jamie O'Brien stands with his surfboard after coming out of the water at The Wedge at sunset.

1. 14,000,000 Page Views | Page views are quite different than visits, but it's still a pretty significant mark and you all have passed 14,000,000 page views earlier this week. That's a lot of clicks and a lot of visits. Thanks to all. You are all awesome.

Viva The Matadors

You can follow the writers on Viva The Matadors on Twitter: @vivathematador, @SethC_SBN (Seth C), @FakeWillyT (SARR), @DanSwany and @LoneStarRedRaider. Make sure you check out Viva The Matador's FanPosts. Visit the Viva The Matadors store via Game Day Depot.

2. Players At Ronald McDonald's House: Thought this was an awesome photo:

3. Ward, White and Cantrell Under the Microscope | FS Keenon Ward (link), RB Quinton White (link) and WR Dylan Cantrell (link) go under the microscope. Let's tackle White first (that would be really tough for most of us) because I think this is something that's already been published, but to summarize, White can get into the mix, but it will be tough and will play a lot of special teams.

As far as Cantrell, there is just a couple of quotes from WR coach Sonny Cumbie and Cantrell will be battling Bradley Marquez, Reginald Davis, Shawn Corker and D.J. Polite-Bray for playing time on the outside. Cumbie says that he can play both inside and outside. Here's Cumbie:

"But he’s big, strong, runs well, has good body control and good ball skills," Cumbie said.

On to Ward, he's behind FS Tre' Porter on the depth chart and head coach Kliff Kingsbury says that Ward improved the most during the spring:

"I think Keenon was the most improved by far," Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said, speaking of the defensive backs as a whole, "because we didn’t know what we really had, because he’d been an offensive player, really."

One other LAJ article is that they have a video preview of some of the main story lines of the season.

4. Buy Football Study Hall | SB Nation's Bill Connelly is writing a book. No, he's written a book and its about college football: College Football, Its Stats and Its Stories. Go check it out and if you need some good reading prior to the season, this would be an awesome place to start.

5. Uniforms Are Only Somewhat of a Factor | ESPN has an article about college football uniforms and whether or not they are a factor in recruiting.

6. It's Almost Done! Totally Texas Tech keeps working and had additional photos of the video board. It's almost done folks and it's glorious.

7. 2012 Moment #3: Texas Tech Holds Oklahoma St. Scoreless | Check out the official site.

8. NBCSN Adding Yahoo! Sports Writers | Interesting from Awful Announcing in that a new sports station, NBCSN, is adding some talented Yahoo! Sports writers, Dan Wetzel, Joe Posnanski, Adrian Wojnarowski and Pat Forde.

9. Marquez Loves Texas Tech | From Mets Minor League Blog, WR Bradley Marquez left $250,000 of his bonus to return to Texas Tech. I am glad that Marquez is returning and I am glad that Marquez is getting his education. I'm thinking that Marquez has big plans this year.