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Monday Morning Links on VTM | Receiver Depth Chart and WR/TE Fantasy Rankings

An updated look at the receiver depth chart with how some of the freshmen will work into the mix at the different receiver spots. A look at the fantasy rankings of the receivers and tight ends of the Big 12.

An aerial view of the course and town of Bad Ragaz during the final round of the Bad Ragaz PGA Seniors Open played at Golf Club Bad Ragaz on July 7, 2013 in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.
An aerial view of the course and town of Bad Ragaz during the final round of the Bad Ragaz PGA Seniors Open played at Golf Club Bad Ragaz on July 7, 2013 in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.
Phil Inglis

1. Wide Receiver Depth | The LAJ's positional preview of the receivers is pretty interesting, including some good quotes from the coaches on some players and a couple of position changes for a players. First, Co-OC/IR coach Eric Morris talked about former walk-on Jordan Davis:

"He’s a kid that probably runs the best routes on our team," said co-offensive coordinator Eric Morris, who coaches the inside receivers. "He’s really savvy, understands concepts, understands space, understands zones. He just understands the game and that gives him an edge and allows him to get open, and he knows where he wants to work in different coverages."

Also of note is Co-OC/WR coach Sonny Cumbie talks about Gary Moore, who is lining up at the X position (split end) or Eric Ward's spot and is down on the depth chart, but is impressing:

"We knew we wanted him on the outside, because he’s such a big target," Cumbie said. "He’s so big and so long, he creates a mismatch size-wise, especially in the red zone. With Eric (Ward), we figured he’d be a good guy to learn with, and he brings something different to the table than Eric does."

Fellow incoming freshman receiver was Dylan Cantrell, who was initially thought to be going to an inside spot, has been moved outside to the Z position (flanker) and that always seemed to be a natural fit to me as he was so great at going up and getting the ball. Here's Cumbie on Cantrell:

"He reminds me outside of Darrin Moore — that type of body," Cumbie said. "He’s not near that type of player right now, but he’s big and strong, he runs well, and he has good body control and ball skills."

Go read the whole thing.

Viva The Matadors

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2. Big 12 Fantasy Rankings for Receivers and Tight Ends | RRS ranks and rates who they think will be the top fantasy receivers and tight ends for the year. WR Eric Ward is #1, TE Jace Amaro is #6 and WR Bradley Marquez is #16.

3. More on Thomas Noodling | News OK has more on Texas Tech commit Ivan Thomas, who is also part Native American, which I find interesting as well as the fact that he's really a guy that likes to hunt and fish as well.

4. Hyder on Critical 20 | RP has DT Kerry Hyder at #3 in their Critical 20 list.

5. "Carry On": Why I Stayed | Yesterday on ESPN's Outside the Lines was just a fantastic piece about an ESPN producer who became involved in the lives of at the time two high school wrestlers who were homeless, without both parents, one was blind and one was without legs from being run over by a freight train, and it's really just a fantastic story.

When someone says that ESPN is just people with a lot of hot air not saying or doing anything meaningful, that's just not true. There are good people everywhere in this world and painting with a broad brush isn't fair to those people. There are things I like and dislike about ESPN, but this sort of original reporting (also the 30 for 30 series) and a handful of the writers, including Ubben, make me come back. Just like a lot of things in life, you have to pick and choose what inspires you and turn off the rest.