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Where Do You Stay?

Readers of Viva The Matadors, where do you live?

There are anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 Texas Tech fans that visit VTM on any given day and I have been thinking about asking you all about where you stay just to get an idea as to the audience. If you have no idea what "where you stay" means, it means, where do you live.

I've always put this off because I didn't know how to organize it, but I actually put some thought into it. In order to do this without folks asking what region they live in, I'm trying to do this systematically and I've decided to break down the poll in three steps.

I would also like to thank Wikipedia for the image and if you need a list of the counties, then that link is where you go.

1. If You Live in Texas.

If you live in Texas, then pick one of these options ( Central Texas, East Texas, Southeast Texas, North Texas, Rio Grande Valley, South Plains, Panhandle, South Texas, Trans-Pecos, West Texas) and see the corresponding map below:

Click here for full size to see your specific county.

2. If You Don't Live In Texas, But Live In The US

If you don't live in Texas, then fill in the option of one of the four major time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific) and please leave a comment as to where. I know that the time zones don't really narrow things down all that much so leave a comment as to where.

3. If You Don't Live In Texas or the US, but Live on Planet Earth

If you don't live in Texas or the US, then pick the last option and tell us where you stay in the comments.