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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Links | Thomas for Smith & Eguavoen; Cantrell Shines; Adams Leads USA

Kingsbury may be tired of answering the same questions. Would you trade Will Smith and Sam Eguavoen for De'Anthony Thomas? Luke Adams continues to lead team USA in the Deaflympics. Swoopes' documentary on ESPN. Pitcher Ty Damron will play for Tim Tadlock and Texas Tech.

Emirates Team New Zealand skippered by Dean Barker in action against Team Luna Rossa Challenge during the Louis Vuitton Cup Round Robin 5 on July 28, 2013 in San Francisco, California.
Emirates Team New Zealand skippered by Dean Barker in action against Team Luna Rossa Challenge during the Louis Vuitton Cup Round Robin 5 on July 28, 2013 in San Francisco, California.
Justin Sullivan

1. Kingsbury Continues to Say Same Thing | The LAJ caught up with head coach Kliff Kingsbury and he was asked when he expected to pick a quarterback and he said it would be about two weeks before the season. This is the answer he gave last week. I think Kingsbury is tired of giving the same answer every time. So yes, Kingsbury is tired of talking:

"I’m just tired of talking," Kingsbury said. "I’ve spent eight months taking about our product and Texas Tech, and we really don’t know how it’s going to go. So we’re excited to get into the season and get things rolling."

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2. Thomas for Eguavoen and Smith and TTU to be a Nike School | This was a bit silly, but interesting to me nonetheless, SI's Martin Rickman and Zach Ellis proposed a bunch of trades (even Tuberville is mentioned):

4. Oregon trades running back De’Anthony Thomas to Texas Tech for linebackers Will Smith and Sam Eguavoen and the right to make the Red Raiders a Nike program: The Ducks are one of the few programs that wouldn’t suffer drastically from the loss of Thomas; returning dual-threat quarterback Marcus Mariota and incoming five-star tailback Thomas Tyner may be able to help the ground game remain just as potent without him. The Red Raiders, on the other hand, would love to add Thomas to a rushing attack that finished 10th in the Big 12 last season. Though the Ducks bolster their defense by securing Smith and Eguavoen in the swap, they demand one final stipulation: Texas Tech must switch from being an Under Armour school to a Nike school, a savvy maneuver by Phil Knight to take advantage of Kliff Kingsbury’s marketing appeal. – ZE

So wouldya? I don't think that Texas Tech can afford the losses on the defense to do that and I like Under Armour (this is where I ask for free stuff).

3. Cantrell Shines | Per the LAJ, incoming freshman WR Dylan Cantrell shines at the 79th Annual Texas High School Coaches Association All-Star Football Game as he catches 9 passes for 183 yards and 2 touchdowns. He's going to be good.

4. Adams Leads Team USA | Luke Adams scored 20 points in leading the USA in a win against Russia in the Deaflympics. The link has more details about upcoming games. Go get 'em Luke. 5. Swoopes Documentary | Sheryl Swoopes was featured in an ESPN documentary and it was really good. The reason why Hannah Storm wanted to do the documentary on Swoopes was that she was the best women's basketball player ever, but maybe under appreciated. Via SlamOnline:

I wanted to do a film about her legacy, because I felt like it was underappreciated and she sort of faded away into the distance. She retired with no fanfare, there was no farewell tour, there was no acknowledgement of all she’s done for the league. It just sort of fizzled out. I also wanted, and this is a difficult balance in the film, but I wanted to tell the story of the Comets. I knew what an incredible franchise it was and what an incredible story that was and how they took over one of the largest cities in the United States. That was arguably the most successful women’s sports franchise ever in this country, I’ll put it up there with anything. The support they got, the reaction, the love affair they had with the city and the winning and the winning and the winning and the winning.

6. Soccer's #4 2012 Moment | The official site is counting down and says that qualifying for the Big 12 Quarterfinals was the #4 moment of last year's soccer team.

7. Win Predictions | College Football Matrix is not predicting good things for this season. A lot of CFMatrix's information is based on the coaches and whether he is able to improve his team, a positive coaching effect (i.e. Bill Snyder) or a negative coaching effect (i.e. Tommy Tubberville). It's based on other things too, so that's a reduction, but still only predicting 5 wins.

8. Wright Thompson on Manziel | ESPN's Wright Thompson is a fantastic writer and he profiled Johnny Manziel. You should read this because it is really good writing and you probably get to see Manziel even more as what he is, for good or bad. This is going to sound dumb, but my child is not at all like me. He is defiant and I don't think in a normal way. When he is told to do something, he always initially balks, he gets upset, he lets you know that he's not at all happy about being told to do anything. For good or bad, this is who he is and at first, I didn't really realize that. I realize that now. Whatever Johnny Football is, this is it. The good, the bad, the brashness, the anger, the talent.

9. Coach Buzzwords | ESPN's David Ubben has the buzzwords of all of the coaches, essentially compiling them from the Big 12 Media Day and figuring out what words they are saying the most. For example, for Kingsbury, "team" was the most common word at 10 and "league" 8 times. That's not interesting, but what is interesting is that Mack Brown may still be living in the past.

10. Stadium Renovations and Video Board Update | Thanks to Totally Texas Tech, things are really happening here and the columns are going up and completed on the East side and things are starting to really come together.

11. Damron to Texas Tech | The Denton RC has a bit on Ty Damron, who was drafted in the 13th round by the Dodgers but could not come to an agreement and will play for head coach Tim Tadlock and Texas Tech. Damron was 8-2 for the year with a 1.00 ERA and 182 strikeouts.

12. Bullitt's Blog | Terrance Bullitt has a blog, so check it out.

13. Derrick Neal De-Commits . . . or Something | So last night word broke that Texas Tech commit Derrick Neal has de-committed and that Derrick and his twin brother Erick would be playing basketball together at UT-Arlington. I write that Neal de-committed, but that may be entirely accurate as Neal maybe didn't live up to his end of the deal:

14. Remember that Lawsuit Against the NCAA for Concussions? Sports On Earth with a reminder about the lawsuit against the NCAA for not doing enough to protect players from concussions.

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