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Tuesday Morning Links on VTM | Texas Tech at the Big 12 Media Days

All of the links that you could ever want (this is not true) of Texas Tech at the Big 12 Media Days.

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1. Texas Tech at Big 12 Media Day | This is going to take some time and there is no way that I can link to every article or video here. Just doing Google News search for "Texas Tech" and you'll come up with a lot more links. Let's party.

The first thing that I want to touch on is the opening remarks made by Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, who had some incredibly harsh words for the NCAA and you can find articles about how this seems to be a planned event by the commissioners of the various conferences, that the leadership of the NCAA needs some serious work. via USA Today, John Swofford said that he sees significant change in the NCAA and this summary by CBS Sports about Bowlsby seems to indicate the same thing. Mark Emmert might want to buy some moving boxes.

Viva The Matadors

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For a 30,000 foot view, SB Nation had Stephen Godfrey at the Big 12 meetings, so make sure and check that out.

Also, the Texas Tech official site has a blog of sorts where they update their day. Head coach Kliff Kingsbury has a transcript from yesterday (PDF) and I honestly have no problem with this, but I think that Kingsbury is literally giving the same answers for the past 8 months or so. I'm totally cool with it and in one of the videos embedded below, he admits that sometimes it is coming up with the same answer by saying it ten different ways.

And Kingsbury was the recipient of a handful of articles, from the LAJ to discuss how Kingsbury wasn't sure he'd be the head coach of his alma mater five years ago, the LAJ to discuss how Kingsbury is learning on the job, the FWST to discuss how Kingsbury hopes to make the transition from quarterback to head coach, and the Daily Texan about how Kingsbury can relate to the players.

The DMN has articles on RB Kenny Williams (linky), WR Eric Ward (linky) and DT Kerry Hyder (linky). Make sure and check these out.

The LAJ has a notebook with a lot of good stuff there. More stuff from the players including Hyder stating that he's at 290 or so and that the offensive line is going to impress.

2. Additional Links | SI's Peter King has his own site now, sorta, Monday Morning Quarterback and there's some good stuff there. This somewhat feels like Grantland in that King is the head honcho of a site, sorta like Bill Simmons. SB Nation has the report that Fox Sports 1 is going to have their own College GameDay pregame show on Saturday mornings. I'm interested as long as they don't have Clay Travis. Rock Chalk Talk is ranking the Big 12 teams and has has Texas Tech at #7.

3. The Wife and Fitsum on the CBS Evening News | So I mentioned this in the comments yesterday as this was something that happened pretty quickly, but a week or so ago I noticed that SI's Richard Deitsch asked people on Twitter for their absolute happiest singular moment. I tweeted a photo to Deitsch of my wife and Fistum kissing for the first time because this is my happiest moment captured in a photograph. Then I was contacted by CBS Evening News to use this photograph in a story and that the story would be on the news yesterday evening. Here's the story and the wife and Fitsum have their photo at around 1:58.

4. Videos | Guns Up! Pow. Pow.