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Monday Morning Links on VTM | Texas Tech at Big 12 Media Days; ILB Depth Chart, Thoughts on Gray Jerseys

Links on the Big 12 Media Days, which include the Texas Tech contingent today at noon. Thoughts on the inside linebacker depth chart. Receiver Shawn Corker goes under the microscope.

 Cadel Evans (AUS) during stage twenty of the 2012 Tour de France in Paris.
Cadel Evans (AUS) during stage twenty of the 2012 Tour de France in Paris.

1. Big 12 Media Day | I have a post going up at 8:00 am as an open thread for those of you watching the Big 12 Media Days, which includes Texas Tech today at noon. This is where you can find the Big 12 official site hub, you can also watch the Big 12 Media Days on Fox Sports Southwest, Texas Tech has their hub and here is the LAJ article and video. SI has the key storylines for the Big 12 Media Day.

The DMN had a 5 minute or so video where they sat down with Kliff Kingsbury last night to discuss some things. The woman asked who the most "murdered out" player was on the team. Kliff deftly dodged the question in that a person is not "murdered out", but they dress "murdered out", or a person will wear all black. This is a reminder for those of us who are old and try to use terms that we shouldn't.

Viva The Matadors

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2. Inside Linebacker Depth Chart | The LAJ looks at the linebackers and the depth chart. I am intently interested on how this plays out during the fall practices, although I think that this will essentially be a rotation of Micah Awe, Will Smith, Sam Eguavoen, Blake Dees and maybe Zach Winbush all getting in the mix in some form or fashion at the weakside or middle linebacker spots. The Tulsa World has a look at the best linebackers in the Big 12.

3. Stadium Reviews | I think someone was asking in the comments yesterday about the Dan Law Field review and I believe it was through Stadium Journey. The folks at Stadium Journey also have a college football guide, which could be interesting as well if you plan on making road trips through the Big 12.

4. Corker Under the Microscope | The LAJ continues their series and looks at WR Shawn Corker and his position coach Sonny Cumbie says that Corker must act with a sense of urgency and consistency:

"It really is a big, big summer for him, a big fall camp, because he’s been here for a while," said co-offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie, who oversees the outside receivers. "It’s one of those situations where there have been flashes, he shows some good things and then there’s other times where he kind of disappears."

5. Kingsbury Home | AthlonSports has an article on Kingsbury coming home. I didn't see any new quotes, but give it a read.

6. Thoughts on Gray Jerseys | So I tried to just present the jerseys Saturday morning when I posted about the possibility of gray jerseys. I commented late yesterday that I don't have a problem with them as I realize that coaches need to make some news with something, namely jerseys. Winning is the biggest thing that will help, but releasing new jerseys helps too. It is part of the game. Just about every program does it that is trying to get at the top, so you can either try or sit on the sidelines and watch a bunch of other bloggers talk about their teams and try to use words like "turntup" when they shouldn't.

I would also say that if the Gray jersey is a once-a-game jersey, like the Texas Pride jerseys, which I didn't like at all, then I'm good with it. I'm pretty liberal about these sorts of things.

I also stated that when Kingsbury was hired that he would make mistakes or things that you disagree with, but these sorts of things, like the color of a jersey, are really pretty minor in the overall scheme of things. The thing that makes me the most comfortable is that there really isn't anyone that has Texas Tech's interests at heart more so than Kingsbury.

I also realized yesterday that the men's basketball team used gray jerseys that are the exact same color this past year. This may not be a Kingsbury thing, but a Under Armour thing. I think that Under Amour, adidas and Nike all try to push the envelope with uniforms. Go Google what adidas did to the Nebraska, Wisconsin and UCLA jerseys. Or go look at how Nike has changed the Ohio St. uniform. This isn't just Under Armour trying new things, any manufacturer that you might want to utilize will try something different and most likely try something that you don't like.

Last but not least, I think the big uniform and design re-haul by Under Armour starts in the next school year.

7. NCAA, Television and CLC | A couple of links that were interesting. The best thing that I enjoyed was this Awful Announcing post on the pressure that Fox Sports 1 is under. Polygon has the post on how EA has signed a deal with the Collegiate Licensing Company rather than the NCAA, so that mini-controversy is over. There is a bill in Congress about how to re-make the NCAA enforcement policy and Bylaw Blog has an excellent post about how Congressional involvement could bolster what the NCAA does and could get the NCAA off the hook on the NCAA vs. O'Bannon case.

8. Charting Project | If you like to watch football and chart plays, Football Study Hall has a project where they are asking users to chart games. This could be really neat.