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Viva The Matadors T-Shirts | Sun's Up Guns Up

It's an awesome and catchy phrase, but it is an even awesomer and catchier t-shirt. Sun's Up Guns Up!

I really wish there was someone that I could attribute as to who started this, but it's really fantastic. I started saying it to my wife when I wake her up in the morning and it didn't dawn on me (see what I just did -- right there) to create a t-shirt until earlier this summer. And despite the fact that I like the phrase, all you really need to know is that Kliff Kingsbury created a freaking mural on his office because he liked the phrase so much:

I just had a big space on my wall, and he had done a smaller thing for me, and I just asked him if he could do an 8-foot-by-5-foot painting, and he said yeah, I'll knock it out. He showed me some ideas, and I liked the whole "sun's up, guns up" theme, and so we wanted to portray that, and he did an incredible job. Got it done. -Grantland's Holly Anderson

If Kingsbury likes it, then you should like it too. You can guy VTM's Sun's Up Guns Up t-shirts at Game Day Depot and these are your selections. If you ever want to design your own, then you have the ability to create an account at Game Day Depot and create your own design. Just like with the #ATMO t-shirts, I've only got two designs, but that's mainly because I'm not really all that creative.

Ash (this a is fancy word for off-white) Sun's Up Guns Up t-shirt:

Black Sun's Up Guns Up t-shirt with arched white lettering: