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Viva The Matador T-Shirts | #ATMO

The meaning behind the most popular hashtag in internet history (this is not a true statement), #ATMO.

I've already told this, but why not tell this again. I don't recall when I really figured out what #ATMO was, but it was some time around the NFL Draft this past year. Some of the players and incoming recruits were Tweeting out the hashtag, #ATMO. Because I am not very smart and it takes time for me to capitalize on things, for three months it didn't occur to me that someone needed to be capitalizing on not just a hashtag, but a philosophy.

A new era in Texas Tech football.

It rolls off the tongue.

The meaning? Well, it depends on you sensibilities, it can mean "Air The Mother Out" or you can add a curse word to add to your level of disdain for societal norms.

Either way, it is time that you got on board. You can guy VTM's #ATMO t-shirts at Game Day Depot and these are your selections. If you ever want to design your own, then you have the ability to create an account at Game Day Depot and create your own design. I've only got two designs, but that's mainly because I'm not really all that creative.

Black #ATMO t-shirt with white lettering:

Black #ATMO t-shirt with arched red lettering: