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Possible New Football Jerseys for Texas Tech?

Have the new versions of the Texas Tech football jerseys been released?

Hat-tip to VTM user prstn.jordan, it appears that Red Raider Outfitters has released the new mock-up Texas Tech football jerseys by Under Armour. Right now it appears that there are three versions, black, white and gray, but there is no red jersey currently shown.

As far as differences from these mock-up 2013 jerseys to the 2012 jerseys, lets get picky:

  • It appears that the stripe that went down the length of the sleeve is gone, but there is a stripe from about half-way down the neck, the stripe then changes colors and goes to the sleeve and then stops.
  • There appears to be some wording inside of the numbers, things like "Texas Tech", "Guns Up" and the double-t logo.
  • A gray jersey! OMG!
  • The 2012 jerseys had "Fight for the Red and Black" at the bottom of the jersey while the 2013 version has "Guns Up."
  • The 2012 jerseys have an outline around the words "Texas Tech" on the front of the jersey while the 2013 mock-up jerseys don't have any outline.
  • No red jersey! OMG!




And don't forget that it looks like you can buy these new jerseys at Red Raider Outfitters, so go give them a visit.