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Thursday Morning Links on VTM | Kravic Named to NABC Honors Court; Kaufman Excelling; Newbold Under the Microscope

Dejan Kravic is named to the NABC Honors Court. Kim Kaufman is excelling on the Symetra Tour. La'Darius Newbold is under the microscope.

United States player Carlin Isles scores a try against Australia in the second half of a sevens rugby match during the 2013 HSBC Sevens World Series at Sam Boyd Stadium.
United States player Carlin Isles scores a try against Australia in the second half of a sevens rugby match during the 2013 HSBC Sevens World Series at Sam Boyd Stadium.
Josh Holmberg-USA TODAY Sports

1. ICYMI, The Media Preseason All Big 12 Team | In case you missed the post yesterday, Le'Raven Clark, Eric Ward, Jace Amaro and Kerry Hyder were named to the Media Preseason All Big 12 Team (official site and Big 12 site). ESPN's Ubben has thoughts on the team and I agree about the quarterback spot, which is who else other than Casey Pachall? And since the SEC Media Days are happening, don't forget that the Big 12 Media Days, with the Texas Tech contingent starting at noon on Monday July 21st.

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2. Kravic Named to NABC Honors Court | Per the official site, congrats to F Dejan Kravic for being named to the National Association of Basketball Coaches Honors Court, which means that he is at least a junior and carries at least a 3.2 GPA. Great work!

3. Kaufman Excelling | The Concord Monitor (New Hampshire) talks with Kim Kaufman, who is just kicking rear in her first few weeks on the Symetra Tour:

"I didn’t really have any expectations, especially coming in mid-season, I just thought it would be a good experience. So I didn’t come out here with a lot of pressure. No one knew who I was and no one expected much."

4. Newbold Under the Microscope | The LAJ goes under the microscope with DB La'Darius Newbold and CB coach Kevin Curtis talks about Newbold's progress:

"He’s raw. He’s raw," Tech cornerbacks coach Kevin Curtis said this summer. "He has a lot of ability. He just has to put it all together. Corner is a very technical position where you need to have great technique — that with confidence. With fundamentals and technique comes confidence. He’ll develop."

I agree, you sometimes have to be patient about guys and not label players as failures or non-contributors too early in their careers.

5. What? The 9th Anniversary of New TTU Campus Photos? Congrats to TTU Red and his site, Totally Texas Tech as he celebrates his 9th year posting photos! Congrats!

6. Allison Returns | The Odessa American with a story on Rodney Allison starting up the Double-T Varsity Club and here is his task:

"I’m looking to try and contact every letterman from every sport that’s ever been played," Allison said. "There’s no excuse that you shouldn’t be able to get in touch with 60, 70 or 80 percent of them.

"The accumulation of information is so valuable, from lists with phone numbers or email addresses or home addresses and you have to have all that in order to locate some of the players from other eras. This is a chance for me to give back to the university that gave me an education and an opportunity to coach and have a career."

That's a tall task and I wish Allison success. He'll do it.

7. #longreads | From Grantland, If you have never seen Carlin Isles play rugby or watched his highlights, you are doing yourself a disservice. And from ESPN's Wright Thompson, a fly rod maker who is paralyzed and his wife in the middle of Montana. That sentence shouldn't make sense to you, but it's a terrific story.

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