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Wednesday Morning Links on VTM | Ward on Biletnikoff List; Kingsbury in Grantland

Kingsbury talks to Grantland. Rashad Fortenberry is an option at right tackle. Tubby Smith and his team will face Pitt in the Lengends Classic. The Women's Clinic is set for July 25th and the Kickoff Luncheon tickets have also gone on sale.

Groupama Sailing Team, skippered by Franck Cammas from France and CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand, skippered by Chris Nicholson from Australia, rounding the Fastnet Rock on leg 9 of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12, from Lorient, France to Galway,
Groupama Sailing Team, skippered by Franck Cammas from France and CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand, skippered by Chris Nicholson from Australia, rounding the Fastnet Rock on leg 9 of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12, from Lorient, France to Galway,
Volvo Ocean Race

1. Kingsbury In Grantland | Grantland's Holly Anderson talks with Kliff Kingsbury about a myriad of things. Nothing particularly new, except that Kingsbury does buy some of his v-necks from American Apparel (good to see that he buys American . . . USA!). You'll enjoy it, so go read it.

Viva The Matadors

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2. Fortenberry Under the Microscope | The LAJ looks at Rashad Fortenberry and hoo boy, if he can play at right tackle and contribute, that would be great and solve a lot of problems. Here's Kingsbury discussing Fortenberry:

"He’s a guy that’s competitive and wants to be out there," Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said. "Hopefully, he can give us something, but we didn’t get enough to evaluate him, really, in the spring to see where he’s at."

It is interesting how the right tackle spot seems to be changing quite a bit from the end of the spring, where Trey Keenan was the starting right tackle with Beau Carpenter backing up, while now it is Fortenberry and true freshman Josh Outlaw as the first two options, with Carpenter as a second option and Matt Wilson after that. Wilson was the backup left tackle after the spring. This should be an incredibly fluid and interesting fall for this group. If someone tells you that they know the depth chart here, they're lying.

3. So Jack Handey is a Real Person | Remember those Jack Handey jokes, deep thought, on Saturday Night Live. For some reason I thought that Jack Handey was a made up person, but he's in the NY Times, so I guess he's real.

4. Texas Tech to Face Pitt at Legends Classic | I think we've always known that Texas Tech was playing in the Legends Classic but just didn't know the opponent. Not any more. ESPN released the pairings, official site link, and Texas Tech will play Pitt. Here's ESPN's thoughts on Texas Tech's Jaye Crockett:

Jaye Crockett, Texas Tech: Crockett is the leading returning scorer (11.9) and rebounder (6.5) for a Red Raiders squad that went just 11-20 last season. The 6-foot-7 forward shot 49.8 percent from the field. The third-year starter will have to perform even better this season for Texas Tech to take a significant step. Junior Jordan Tolbert is just as big of a threat down low.

5. 2014 NFL Draft Prospects | CBS Sports had a preview of who they think are potential draftees for the NFL Draft, which includes TE Jace Amaro, DT Kerry Hyder and WR Eric Ward. This was a good read and I enjoyed this.

6. New Stadium Photos | Totally Texas Tech is on a roll and he's really doing a terrific job of keeping you updated on the stadium renovation and video board.

7. Ranking Cornerbacks | The Tulsa World ranks the top five cornerbacks and doesn't include any Red Raiders. That doesn't surprise me. ESPN and Ubben ranks the teams in terms of cornerbacks and I'm surprised that Texas Tech isn't last (they are 7th), but then I have to remind myself that there were some really bad pass defenses last year that didn't include Texas Tech.

8. Throwing Stones | I really haven't opined on Johnny Manziel. I think that he's a young guy that's having a great time and that's good and all. If he really did get dismissed from the Manning Camp because he was hung-over, I think that's more embarrassing than anything else and if he decides not to mature after being embarrassed, then this is who he is, which is a guy that just likes to have fun. I have no idea what that means for NFL teams, but he's still a damn good quarterback. Then Mark May criticized Manziel for "bringing shame to the game." Good Bull Hunting had to remind May that he had been arrested as a young football player for jumping on cars and then tried to start a riot. That's when he was 20. Then he was arrested again for driving while intoxicated. Be careful when you throw stones.

9. Driving Through Texas | Another Grantland article, this one is about a writer driving through Texas and I very much enjoyed it.

10. It is Okay to Eat Entrails | Interesting article from Wired about a guy that wants to make it okay for the U.S., as a society, to think it is okay to eat the things that we throw away. The U.S. is one of the few societies that does throw away parts of an animal. I can assure you that in Ethiopia, just about every part of an animal is eaten because it would be wasteful not to do that.

11. Hey Laides | RndRckTTU has posted this, but let's post it again. Tickets for the women's clinic are on sale and the clinic is set for July 25th and will benefit Jennie Bailey. This is just great and would love it if we could get a woman to post about this.

12. Ward on Biletnikoff List | Congrats to WR Eric Ward for being named to the Biletnikoff List!

13. Kickoff Luncheon | Tickets have also gone on sale for the Football Kickoff Luncheon and this is another thing where I would love it if someone were to post about going to this. You better buy tickets now because I bet this sells out pretty quickly.

14. Photos of NYC from 1900's | Title says it all. Pretty neat photographs of New York City from the 1900's.