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Why I Have a New Twitter Handle

Seth C has a new Twitter handle and really we're just trying to keep things separate.

Bryn Lennon

You've probably noticed that I've got a new Twitter account, @SethC_SBN. This is a personal account and I'll be tweeting stories from the @vivathematador account as well as this account.

When I first started Double-T Nation and then morphed into Viva The Matadors, I was the website. Lots of times it was just me talking to myself or one or two people. That's obviously changed. The more I keep doing this the more I realize that I really need to get away from this idea of "me" being the website. Truthfully, the website has grown way beyond me and the more I started to think about it, the more I started to think that I needed to let go a bit.

Not only that, I recently started to get into situations where I wanted to follow someone personally on the @vivathematador twitter account and I would have this internal debate as to whether or not I should follow it since this was supposed to be a Twitter account for VTM, not me personally. I am sure that most people just wouldn't care about something like this, but I did and do care.

The easy solution was for me to just create a new personal Twitter account so that I could follow who I want to follow and the VTM account wouldn't have any family, personal friends or me following radio personalities or the Mavericks or the Rangers and things like that.

It also started to hit me that at some point, I'm going to need to hand over the reins and didn't want any new person to have to deal with un-following a bunch of people and things that didn't really relate to VTM or Texas Tech. I don't plan on quitting any time soon, just trying to think ahead.

Now, San Antonio Red Raider, DanSwany and myself will all be sharing the @vivathematador account. It could be any one of us tweeting, which totally adds a bit of mystery to the whole thing.

So give me a follow @SethC_SBN. In fact, if you are on Twitter, you should also be following @vivathematador, @FakeWillyT (SARR) and @DanSwany. It is un-American not to follow them. Now, let's party.