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Tuesday Morning Links on VTM | Clark and Hyder on Lombardi List; Players Under the Microscope

Two players under the microscope in WR Jacob Hurla and DB Martin Hill. Discussing Bullitt's path to Texas Tech. La'Raven Clark and Kerry Hyder make the Lombardi List.

A Bull rider competes in the open bull ride during the Mareerba Rodeo on July 14, 2013 in Cairns, Australia.
A Bull rider competes in the open bull ride during the Mareerba Rodeo on July 14, 2013 in Cairns, Australia.
Chris Hyde

1. Under the Microscope | The LAJ is doing a new series where they look at some of the lesser known players that are under the radar. I am a bit confused as I tend to think about players "under the microscope" are already very accomplished players, but are being dissected for their play, while these two players seem to fit the idea of being under the radar. I dunno. The two players that are previewed today are WR Jacob Hurla and DB Martin Hill. I've briefly written about Hurla, a walk-on receiver that played at Butler JC last year and is a bigger receiver (6-3/199). IR coach Eric Morris said this about Hurla:

"No question. Yeah," said Tech co-offensive coordinator Eric Morris, who coaches inside receivers. "He turned down a couple of scholarship opportunities. He’s a kid that we really liked on tape. He just kind of wanted to play big-time ball, believed in himself and you’ll take those any day."

Hill is on scholarship and I've written about him a lot as Hill seems to be a guy that could play a handful of positions in the defensive backfield and CB coach Kevin Curtis said this about Hill:

"He’s still learning the position," Curtis said, "but he’s eager to learn. He was always, through the recruiting process, asking questions about what he could do to be better, different drills he could do. He’s a guy that wants to be good and wants to prove people wrong."

2. Media Days Around the Corner | I think the SEC media days start soon (maybe today) and EDSBS had SEC media days questions that won't be asked, but should. Approve. The Big 12 released their media information, but I didn't find much interesting other than the head coach's schedules and when they would make players and assistant coaches available.

Viva The Matadors

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3. Talkin' Bulllitt | The DMN talks about LB Terrance Bullitt and what to like, what not to like and how he got where he is today.

4. Things to Be Excited About | RP has a series with things to be excited about (I think this must be a series across their network because I saw one for Baylor) and starts with the stadium. This is a really minor gripe, but I don't care. I hate how the font and formatting on the articles at RP seems to be a secondary concern and they'll publish anything no matter how it looks.

5. Connelly's New Book | Congrats to Bill Connelly who will be publishing a new college football book. He did an interview with Vox Magazine about the book.

6. Clark and Hyder on Lombardi List | That's a lot of players, but who cares. Congrats to LT La'Raven Clark and DT Kerry Hyder for being named to the Lombardi list.

7. Richardson Tries to Help | The LAJ catches up with former cornerback Pete Richardson, who is trying to start a non-profit to help athletes.