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VTM Readers Discuss EA Sports NCAA Football ’14

VTM readers discuss the realism with regards to EA Sports NCAA Football '14 and in particular if that realism translates to Texas Tech.

 Former NFL player Herschel Walker at the EA SPORTS Madden NFL 13 Pigskin Pro-Am Eve on June 21 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.
Former NFL player Herschel Walker at the EA SPORTS Madden NFL 13 Pigskin Pro-Am Eve on June 21 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.
David Banks

Much, much thanks to JRB8421 and MikeTTU for answering some questions about the realism for EA Sports NCAA Football '14, especially answering some questions about how and if that realism relates to Texas Tech. Give them both a guns up for helping me out.

Let's party.

So tell me about the overall game play thus far. Has it been a realistic experience thus far?

JRB8421: Honestly the thing that was most impressive to me has been the down field blocking. The game is a significant upgrade from last year with all the glitches. The ability to run the ball out of the spread offense has also been really nice. Overall the game is great and it fits the bill as much more realistic. I also love that you can really fidget with jersey combos for Tech.

MikeTTU: The realistic factor has definitely improved from last year. The recruits are more realistic in which they like certain schools, and only pay attention to schools that have what they're looking for. For example, a kid from Florida who wants to stay close to home won't go to USC. Also you can schedule non conference games, gain coach perks through goals, and play in neutral site games. The physics is a slight improvement from the previous year, with better tackling and smarter O-linemen, but sometimes the players are flung around like a rag doll.

Talk a bit about the Texas Tech offense. What players stood out to you that you didn't expect? Who were some of the best players on offense?

JRB8421: I have to say Kenny Williams is an absolute load. The offense is a blast to play with, and you can easily run a ton of plays with the hurry up. I was semi surprised that Michael Brewer had decent enough speed to gain about 50 yards a game, which seems about right. I think my only complaint is that Jakeem Grant wasn't faster...I did a little editing to fix that though. He's a given 92 speed, and I adjusted to 97 speed.

MikeTTU: One player that quickly become my number one target is Jakeem Grant. His elusive speed and agility gets him open in a flash, and his size helps him dodge tackles for a first down. The best overall players on offense though, tend to be Michael Brewer, Jace Amaro and Eric Ward.

Now, let's move to the defense. Have there been any surprises on the defensive side of the ball? We're all a bit unsure about how the defense for the course of the year, how does the game play out over the course of a game and if you have played a season? Same as the offense, who were some of the best players on the defense?

JRB8421: I would say the biggest surprise is that Tre Porter is a really solid player. I mean he has the speed and can really bring the wood on the run. Kerry Hyder steals the show though, he can absolutely just wreck offenses. The secondary is rated lowly, which makes sense. Just a complete lack of experience, so the fact that their rating isn't high is ok. Overall record for simulated dynasty came to about 8-4...notable wins over TCU, Baylor, and West Virginia. Losses to OU, UT, OSU, and Kansas State.

MikeTTU: The defense hasn't been great, but not terrible. Similar to the New England Patriots, they let up a lot of yards, but ultimately don't give up a lot of points and force around 2 TO's a game. Other than the obvious playmakers, two players that left their mark are Dartwan Bush and Derrick Mays. With Hyder and Wesley getting the attention on the D-line, Bush quietly is getting to the quarter back. Opposing teams underestimate Mays, throwing careless passes in his direction, which usually ends up in a pass deflection.

A season of NCAA usually starts with coaches cutting and redshirting players, while assigning recruits, and as the season goes on, you play games and try to persuade those recruits. At the end of the season, you put all your effort in recruits and see where they end up on signing day.