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Monday Morning Links on VTM | Lauderdale Does Not Qualify; Payne Dismissed

2013 commit WR Devin Lauderdale does not qualify academically. LB Chris Payne is dismissed from the team due to academics. Outside linebacker depth chart.

The USA team poses for their picture before the game against Cuba at Rio Tinto Stadium.
The USA team poses for their picture before the game against Cuba at Rio Tinto Stadium.
Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sport

1. Lauderdale Doesn't Qualify | Per the DMN via RRS Aaron Dickens, 2013 commit Devin Lauderdale did not qualify academically and will greyshirt or enroll in Navarro JC. This was always the risk with Lauderdale and I think there is a reason why Lauderdale is going to Navarro, it's where CB coach Kevin Curtis was just a few years ago and I'm sure there are still some relationships there. I've heard rumblings about this for the better part of a couple of months or so, but I don't like to break that sort of news. I hope Devin sticks with it and sees it through.

And I don't think this is the end of the world and I was never sold that Lauderdale was the best player in the 2013 class. That's not intended to disparage Lauderdale, but there were players that had just as good measurables, but were more productive than Lauderdale. I know that had a lot to do with Lauderdale's offense and quarterback at Bellaire. Lauderdale is a very good prospect, but I don't think that this means that the 2013 class has taken a huge hit, especially when all odds were that Lauderdale would redshirt (as most freshmen will) so that shouldn't affect things all that much. And it is disappointing that Lauderdale didn't qualify, just not the worst thing ever for the 2013 class.

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2. Payne Dismissed from Team; Jackson to Defensive End | Per the LAJ from yesterday's preview of the outside linebackers, RLB (Raider Linebacker) Chris Payne has been dismissed from the team due to academics. Texas Tech has really lost some depth on the defense and that is worrisome. Replacing Payne behind Terrance Bullitt is Austin Stewart (6-0/202) and true freshman Caleb Woodward. Stewart was the backup strong safety, but I'm guessing that this is where the JUCO guys like Dorian Crawford and Martin Hill will help tremendously.

With Jackson moving to defensive end, the BLB (Bandit Linebacker) is going to be Pete Robertson, Andre Ross, and true freshmen Zach Barnes and Jacarthy Mack. As long as Robertson is around 235 or so, then I'm good with this and I think that will be the case when they weigh-in in August.

As an aside, the players will check in on August 2nd and the first practice will be August 3rd.

3. More on Adams at Deaflympics | There is some video of Luke Adams from KTTZ (which I think is Lubbock's local PBS station) talking about going to the Deaflympics and I didn't realize that the players won't be able to wear their cochlear implants.

4. Preview of TTU and WR's | Scout does a pretty extensive preview each year of every team and this is it. There's the linked page, but also the offense and defense details. RP also ranks the Big 12 receivers as groups (not individual players).

5. Sadler D-II MVP | Congrats to Texas Tech commit WR Ian Sadler for winning the MVP for the Division-II teams at the Texas 7-on-7 Championships. Sadler helped his Argyle team to the championship game, but ended up losing on a controversial call.

6. Campus Photos | Totally Texas Tech with more campus photos with a focus on some of the interesting architectural aspects of the university.

7. Kliff's #1 | KAMC has head coach Kliff Kingsbury's #1 game in his career and it was Kingsbury's first start against Oklahoma in 1999.

8. Hynes Makes Debut | The official site has a bit on former Red Raider Colt Hynes who made his MLB debut for San Diego. I didn't start following baseball that closely until I started writing VTM, so he was just right before I started doing that. Still, Hynes has been in the minors for 7 years and just now made his MLB debut. Congrats!