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Thursday Morning Links on VTM | Kingsbury Concerned About X's & O's; Stone Adds All-American; Neslony Named All-Star

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury is more concerned about X's and O's more than anything else. The 7-on-7 tournament is approaching this week. Tom Stone adds an All-American defender. Tyler Neslony is named an All-Star in Florida.

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General view at the hairpin during the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit de Monaco on May 26, 2013 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.
General view at the hairpin during the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit de Monaco on May 26, 2013 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.
Bryn Lennon

1. Kingsbury More Concerned About X's and O's | I think this will be the last bit from SI, but this time it is an article discussing being more about the X's and O's of the offense and isn't all that worried about the ancillary stuff:

"I think it kind of gets lost in the shuffle, I love watching tape and studying other people's offenses," Kingsbury said. "And that's why I'm in this, to work with the kids and develop student-athletes. But the X's-and-O's part I think gets lost -- that's what I really enjoy doing."

2. 7-on-7 Stuff | 24/7 Sports has a preview of the teams playing on the 7-on-7 tournament Thursday and Friday in Leander. There are a handful of Texas Tech mentions CB Brian Peavy (heavy TTU lean), S Collin Wilder (2016 player and TTU offer), QB Patrick Mahomes (TTU commit) and RB Kameron Martin (2016 player and TTU offer).

Viva The Matadors

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3. Stone Adds Division II All-American | Per the official site, welcome to defender Kansas Bailey an All-American from Division II Columbus State (Ga.) who is set to play her final year for Texas Tech.

4. Neslony Named All-Star | Per the official site, congrats to Tyler Neslony who was named as a Florida Summer League All-Star.

5. Beal Takes Shot at SEC | Associate AD Blayne Beal took a shot at the SEC on Twitter yesterday, essentially saying that the Big 12 has more parity with the response from SEC fans being, who cares where are dem championships, and it became a story.

6. I Wanna Throw Up | SB Nation's John Bois took a look at one of the greatest games ever, between Plano East and Tyler John Tyler and is somewhat immediately struck a chord with me as I commented in that story that I remember one of the announcers, Eddy Clinton, used to comment on VTM (or DTN) and had written a FanPost about how the announcer that said that famous line, Mark Zoffuto, "I wanna throw up," was in a nursing home with Alzheimer's disease with no one to visit him. Eddy commented at that time was that Zoffuto to couldn't remember calling that game. Shout-out to Plano Jeff.

7. Photo Progression of Video Board | Good stuff from Totally Texas Tech with a slideshow progression of the video board.

8. Big 12 Things | USA Today thinks that West Virginia is the #57 team in the nation. Also, the KC Star details how they voted the way they did in the preseason poll. Also, the girlfriend of the guy that robbed Bob Stoops and Stoops' house tried to break him out of jail and it did not go well.

9. Emmert Gets Paid | So, the NCAA president, Mark Emmert, the NCAA being a non-profit corporation, was actually paid $1.7 million last year.

10. Confidence Points | DMN assigns confidence points for each game during the season. I think I sorta used to do this with the previews, but used something like, "1 being totally confident and 5 being 'I'm so scared baby.'"

11. Design of SB Nation | If you are into computer design and things, the head honcho designer for SB Nation, The Verge and Polygon discussed design, web fonts and real content.