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Aaron Bennett Transfers to K-State; Kyle Clark Graduates and Leaves Team

Offensive line play is a concern, but with the incoming talented freshmen, the depth that plagued this team during the spring will be improved for the fall.


Per LAJ's Don Williams, there is a bit of news on the offensive line as some of the players report. Here are the attention grabbing headlines, which really isn't what Williams story is about, but let's get them out of the way:

* JUCO signee Aaron Bennett apparently didn't have some classes transfer from JUCO, so he is signing with Kansas St.

* Veteran offensive lineman Kyle Clark has graduated and left the team.

I never really knew what to think about Bennett as there really wasn't just a lot to go on as he switched from defense to offense during the year. I think that Bennett was a depth add, but I don't know. Clark didn't even make my the offensive line preview that I did earlier, but he's never really been in the mix, either under Tuberville or under Kingsbury. I don't know what to think about that either.

Offensive line coach Lee Hays talk about the line:

"We know from depth-wise and from experience-wise, we’re the guys that are considered the weak link," Hays said last week. "This summer, that’s all I’m thinking about. I hope that’s all they’re thinking about, that we’re only going to go as far as that front five take us."

There's a lot of good stuff there, so go read the whole thing. Kingsbury talks about the Morales brothers being tough kids, and that's what I've always thought, it's been the injuries that have kept them out. The article also talks about keeping Beau Carpenter inside with the thought that Rashad Fortenberry, Joshua Outlaw, Matt Wilson could win the right tackle spot. I'd also add in there Trey Keenan as I thought he was pretty good there too.

There is a second article from the LAJ that discusses incoming freshman Joshua Outlaw and how he has apparently exceeded expectations from a football-classroom perspective. Head coach Kliff Kingsbury talks about Outlaw:

"Just from watching the film, purely from watching the film, Josh Outlaw’s an impressive athlete," Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said. "With his body type, his athleticism, if he can pick up the system, you’d think he would be able to give you some depth immediately.

"That’s one on film that jumps out, but all of them are guys with good size. I really didn’t feel like any of them are true project guys."

The article projects both Cody Hayes as a guard and Baylen Brown as a guard and center with Poet Thomas at right tackle. I sorta thought Hayes was such a terrific athlete that he would project at tackle, but we'll see.