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He wins, and he does it with class.

Unsolicited thoughts about Texas Tech's Tubby Smith from Burnt Orange Nation's Jeff Haley and Peter Bean.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I thought this was pretty interesting, and may not be much of anything other than it is sometimes good to hear that the coach you have is a pretty good coach. BON's Peter Bean and Jeff Haley are doing a long retrospective on the job that Rick Barnes is doing at Texas. Thus far, the posts are not encouraging for UT fans and the most recent post delves into possible coaching candidates. I was honestly surprised to see Tubby Smith mentioned, he's down the list, but he's still listed:

Smith can coach. Smith can recruit. He has won everywhere he has been. He will probably get Texas Tech back to being competitive in the Big 12. And, unlike some of his Lubbock predecessors, he is extremely unlikely to ever do anything to embarrass his institution.

At Kentucky, he was replaced by Billy Gillispie, and now he replaces Gillispie at Tech. I don't know how many more years Smith will continue to coach, but while he is still in the profession I expect that he will succeed. Just because that is all he has ever done. He wins, and he does it with class.

Bean and Haley include a ton of coaches on their list, so I'm not at all saying that they want Smith at UT's head coach or anything like that.

Still, it is good to see such confidence from two guys that know college basketball. Not only that, but the thoughts about Smith are unsolicited which I think is a good thing in that they aren't placating to a particular audience.

One other note about Smith, Haley also has his own site, Hoop-Math, and he is also a Minnesota alum (I think his undergraduate degree is from Minnesota and graduate degree is from UT) and he could not figure out why Minnesota fired Smith in the first place.