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Tuesday Morning Links at VTM | C.Scott Signs LOI; Cumbie Talks Receivers

T&F coach Dion Miller named Mountain Region assistant of the year. Todd Petty and the Lady Raiders have the #16 recruiting class. Volleyball releases their schedule. Outside receivers coach Sonny Cumbie talks receivers.

The Bilgola suf life saving crew paddle through a wave during the Ocean Thunder Surf Boat Series at Dee Why Beach on February 2, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.
The Bilgola suf life saving crew paddle through a wave during the Ocean Thunder Surf Boat Series at Dee Why Beach on February 2, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.
Cameron Spencer

Odds and Ends

Pretty interesting article from The Dagger on how college basketball coaches are using personality profiling to evaluate potential recruits.

Per CBS Sports, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino calls Gordon Gee a pompous ass. This continues to be fun.

Track and Field

Congrats to coach Dion Miller who was named the Mountain Region Assistant of the Year!


The Lady Raider tennis team is ranked #16 in the country. Congrats to Todd Petty on the good work.


The official site has released their 2013 volleyball schedule.

Women's Basketball

The women's basketball camps that normally happen during the summer have been canceled as new head coach Candace Whitaker puts together her coaching staff.

Men's Basketball

Head coach Tubby Smith and new commitment Cory Scott made it official yesterday as Scott signed his letter of intent and is officially official a Red Raider.


RRS has a recap of Sonny Cumbie's interview with Tech Talk. Cumbie talks about being on the road and recruiting and he is also asked about what receivers need to make a jump during the summer and he says that Reginald Davis, Dominique Wheeler and Derreck Edwards all need to step up for different reasons.

"The first guy I'd say would be Reginald Davis," Cumbie told Hanni and Level. "This spring, he really showed signs that he can be a difference maker. But he's got to make another jump. He played high school quarterback from a smaller school so there's going to be a transitional period. But he had a good spring, did some things and there are some things he has to get better with. He's got to have a summer where he makes another jump."

RP is doing a prediction each week and up first, they discuss the running backs and predicts that Texas Tech will have a top 3 rushing team in the Big 12. I don't think this will happen. Kingsbury's offense at Houston, which I think will resemble Texas Tech more because Texas Tech doesn't have a guy like Johnny Manziel, averaged about 150 yards a game running the ball, which sounds about right. And I write that I don't think that Texas Tech has a guy like Manziel because I see Michael Brewer extending some plays, but not being the dynamic scrambler that Manziel is. Manziel is special. If Texas Tech were to really be a top 3 rushing team in the Big 12, and based off of last year's numbers, Texas Tech would have to average 211 yards a game. That seems like a lot.

LAJ catches up with former Red Raider Mickey Peters.

RRS has their spring recap about Baylor.