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Monday Morning Links at VTM | Beckie Plays in U-20; Tennis Adds Players; Football Links

The Red Raider Open was held over the weekend. The Big 12 distributes a lot of money. Janine Beckie plays for the US U-20 team. The men and women each add a player to the tennis team. Baseball retrospective. A handful of football links.

Massimo Bettiol

Odds and Ends

The Red Raider Open was held over the weekend and was to benefit the Red Raider Club scholarship fund.

Big 12 Stuff

The Big 12 is going to distribute a lot of money, a total of $189 million, to the member schools, which is a new record, and each school is to get $22 million.


This was posted late on Friday, but Janine Beckie was to play on the U-20 U.S. Team against Sweden. The U.S. won 3-1 and from what I can tell in the box score she subbed in and got to play. Congrats!


The men and women both added players, the men added Jolan Cailleau and the women added Tennesse transfer Sarah Toti. Welcome!


The LAJ has a lengthy look at the baseball team and a look forward at who could fill spots for the team should players leave for the MLB draft. I noticed that Ryan Long from Crandall will be attending Texas Tech. Ryan's dad used to deliver diesel to my old man's farm many years ago. Small world.

Men's Basketball

Former Texas Tech player, even though he never played a second for Texas Tech, Wannah Bail ended up committing to UCLA over the weekend or late on Friday (I can't remember when). I guess you could consider this a transfer in a respect, not a commitment. Speaking of transfers, The Dagger has news on some additional Big 12 transfers as well as players simply staying in school and big-time commitments.


Phil Steele posted his All-Big 12 teams on Friday. LT Le'Raven Clark and DT Kerry Hyder made the first team, while WR Eric Ward and TE Jace Amaro made the second team. LB Will Smith made the 4th team.

The DMN had a handful of articles over the weekend: five critical losses and their replacements; five bold predictions; and a team breakdown.

The LAJ looks like they are going to be doing a position preview and first up is the quarterbacks, where head coach Kliff Kingsbury talks about the quarterbacks and he is saying that there isn't a starter just yet. When we talked about the quarterbacks and looked at the spring numbers, Michael Brewer seemed to me to be the clear winner of the spring.

RP continues their Critical 20 and at #12 is LB Will Smith.