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Thursday Morning Links on VTM | Longview F.Ball Camp Update; Spears' Trip to Uganda

The NCAA appears to be in bad shape (this is not news). First year coach expectations. Minta Spears' mission trip to Uganda. Football camp updates from Longview.

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Members of team Uganda wave to the crowd after being acknowledged before the start of the championship game of the Little League World Series on August 26, 2012.
Members of team Uganda wave to the crowd after being acknowledged before the start of the championship game of the Little League World Series on August 26, 2012.
Rob Carr

1. Prime Time to Cheat | SI's article from yesterday paints a picture that it is a prime time to go ahead and cheat as things have gotten significantly worse since NCAA President Mark Emmert.

2. Comparing EA's numbers to Advanced Stats | SB Nation compares the numbers that EA released and compared them to some advanced stat rankings. This still doesn't mean all that much to me because I don't know of EA is a good predictor of success.

3. First Year Coach | ESPN's David Ubben hates you, and he admitted he hates all teams that play football yesterday on an exchange on Twitter, gives his first year challenges for head coach Kliff Kingsbury. SN's Matt Hayes has some optimistic thoughts on Kingsbury:

Kingsbury will do what he did as a record-setting quarterback at the school: He’ll make Tech a tough out every week and win games the Red Raiders probably shouldn’t because of his knowledge of the passing game and his ability to coach it.

4. Spears Mission Trip to Uganda | Good article about how freshman G Minta Spears took a mission trip to Uganda and what she learned from her trip. Spears tore her ACL just as the season started, but she'll be asked to carry a much bigger load this year. Good stuff.

5. Iowa St.'s Slow Burn | SB Nation's Bill Connelly continues his look at the Big 12 with a look at the Cyclones. Connelly's Texas Tech preview will hit later this morning.

6. Key Red Raiders | RRS is doing their key Red Raiders series and up first is Jakeem Grant. I suppose this is similar to RP's Critical 20.

7. #longreads How to Learn to Open-Water Swim in Ireland | From OutsideOnline, a terrific look at how people learn how to open-water swim off the coast of Ireland.

8. Longview Football Camp Update | The LAJ has some updates from Longview and the other camps, including their focus on some high school offensive linemen. I was emailed this by a long-time East Texas Reader, from the Longview News-Journal. There are some good quotes there from head coach Kliff Kingsbury in that article:

"It’s been a huge emphasis to get to each part of the state, in particular East Texas," Kingsbury said. "Texas Tech didn’t have one of these camps out here the last few years. Or ever. Being with coach (Kevin) Sumlin in Houston and Texas A&M, this has always been a hotbed for us. So we’re going to be all over this place and hopefully get a bunch of good players out of here."

Go check it out.

Yet another update, from ETSN, which has a ton of information, including a list of all the East Texas players with a Texas Tech offer, and a list of all of the notable players that attended this camp. A lot of terrific info here. Another quote from Kingsbury:

"Really just the overall talent level is incredible," said new Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, who arrived at Tech in the offseason after serving as Texas A&M’s offensive coordinator. "Texas high school coaches do such a great job with their programs. They’re always competitive, well-mannered, great kids that come out and really put on a show. I’ve been out here the last five years, and when I got to Tech they hadn’t had one out here, and that’s one of the first things we said. We’ve gotta get back to East Texas. Love it out here and the kids do a great job."