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Monday Morning Links on VTM | Football Camps; B.Ball Players Drafted; M.T&F Finishes 24th

Texas Tech's high school football camps are set for the remainder of the month. Masek, Wheeler and McCrummen were all drafted in the MLB draft with 5 signees drafted. Men's Track & Field finishes 24th in the NCAA Championships.

Bryn Lennon

1. Football Camps This Week | So you know how all of these other colleges are getting commits right now? It's because they are all doing these summer camps. These sort of camps tend to produce a lot of commits because this is a situation where some of the players that can't afford to go visit a school, they can afford to go to a camp that is in their neck of the woods. There are pretty good odds that we'll be doing a few "Recruiting on the South Plains" over the next week or so. In any event, the Texas Tech Sport Camps website has has all of the details, but here's a summary:

North Dallas Mini-Camp - June 10th
Location: Rockwall-Heath High School

South Dallas Mini-Camp - June 11th
Location: Lancaster High School

East Texas Mini-Camp - June 12th
Location: Longview High School

North Houston Mini-Camp - June 13th
Location: Cypress-Ridge High School

South Houston Mini-Camp - June 14th
Location: Manvel High School

Central Texas Mini-Camp - June 15th
Location: New Braunfels High School

High School 3-Day Camp - June 17th - 19th
Location: Texas Tech University

High School Mini Camp - June 18th
Location: Texas Tech University

This looks like it is going to shape up to be a really busy month.

2. Masek, Wheeler and McCrummen Drafted | Congrats to pitchers Trey Masek (5th Round - Cubs), Andre Wheeler (15th - White Sox) and Jerad McCrummen (23rd Round - Rockies) for all being drafted in the MLB draft. There were five high school signees that were drafted: RHP Casey Meisner (3rd Round - Mets), RHP Thaddius Lowry (5th Round - White Sox), RHP Zac Reininger (8th Round - Tigers), LHP Ty Damron (13th Round - Dodgers), and RHP Ryan Moseley (36th Round - Rays). The LAJ has further details.

3. Track and Field NCAA Championships | The official site has the details, but the men's team finished 24th and the women's team finished tied for 49th in the NCAA Championships. This is the men's 4th straight top 25 appearance. Congrats to all.

4. NCAA Things | SB Nation has a couple of stories this morning. Up first, it appears that Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany admitted that the Big Ten going to a smaller Division III type of model was just a bluff. Miami booster Nevin Shapiro made numerous claims about Miami players throwing games, but the NCAA investigation found no evidence of that.