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Bell Dismissed; J. Davis Receives Scholarship; Kingsbury Discusses Simmons

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury goes on the record about Javon Bell and his dismissal, Jordan Davis receiving a scholarship and discussing Delvon Simmons.

Reese Strickland-US PRESSWIRE

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury went on the record with a lot of things yesterday with the LAJ about a handful of players.

Kingsbury said WR Javon Bell is no longer on the team. He didn't say anything about this other than saying, "It's done." Given the depth at this position and some of the young players stepping up, I'm not at all concerned about the depth of the receiver position. Bell is a special talent, but whether it be grades or something else, Bell has to be interested in school and playing football.

A hearty congratulations to IR Jordan Davis who received a scholarship for the year:

"He impressed me the entire spring from day one," Kingsbury said Thursday. "He’s a great route runner. Real savvy. He has some of that (Danny) Amendola, (Wes) Welker, as far as at the top of his routes. So I’m excited about him."

I had someone email me earlier in the spring with this news, but didn't run with the news since I couldn't really verify other than by email. I'm really glad this news came to light.

Kingsbury also discussed the transfer of DT Delvon Simmons and I am totally on board with this:

"I’m not sure of his thought process, but apparently that was an ongoing issue with him," Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said. "We want guys that want to be here. If you don’t want to be here, you don’t need to be here."

Asked if he had tried to persuade Simmons to stay, Kingsbury said, "If a kid from day one doesn’t want to be there, which apparently that was kind of how it went ... . We want kids that are excited to be at Texas Tech. That’s kind of my position on it."

Yes. Yes. Yes. Do not keep a player around that doesn't want to be there. It's just not worth anyone's trouble. I've done my preview of the defensive tackles as well as another post set to hit next week and it stinks to lose Simmons, but I think that Kingsbury's answer is the absolute right answer. If they don't want to be here, then we'll see you at the crossroads.

Kingsbury then talks about Simmons replacements, DT Jackson Richards and NT Anthony Smith. I think that technically, these are two different positions, but that's fine. From the post-spring depth chart, they had Dartwan Bush and Kerry Hyder at end, Dennell Wesley and Donte Phillips at nose guard and Jackson Richards at tackle. So they just have to figure out who plays behind or with Richards. I've got options on Tuesday.

Last, but not least, Kingsbury talked about Dartwan Bush, who had to get his knee scoped late in the spring, but Kingsbury is excited about what he can do:

"He’s a guy that you saw last year can be very productive and they have a hard time blocking him when he’s on," Kingsbury said. "He had a little knee scope there late, but we expect him to be full go for summer workouts.

"I can see him in this scheme, with all the one-on-ones he’s going to get, having a really good year."