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Tuesday Afternoon Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-05-07

Afternoon links: odds and ends, golf, baseball, realignment / NCAA, and football.

Mirco Lazzari gp

Odds and Ends

So apparently Century Link has a country-wide internet outage, which is why my internet isn't working at where I stay.


Congrats to the men's golf team that has earned an NCAA tournament appearance and will travel to the great state of Ohio!


The baseball team will have a game today, the last home game I believe, against Dallas Baptist. The LAJ writes about how the team is struggling because the offense is struggling.

Realignment / NCAA

SB Nation has a pretty good little article about the Ed O'Bannon case and that the certification of the case will happen in June. That's a big deal.

Our friends at Wide Right & Natty Lite explain why the Big 12 needs a network.

CBS Sports has a good look at the universities that have seemingly been left behind in Realignmentpalooza, Cincinnati, Connecticut and South Florida.


CBS Sports has an article where they talk with former Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville about things and he talks about Kliff Kingsbury a bit. Nothing shocking or anything like that, but it's out there.

The DMN's Chuck Carlton has a Big 12 preview at the beginning of May, which seems odd to do something like this right now. He has picked Texas Tech 7th as well, so he hates you just like Ubben hates you.

The LAJ has an update on football recruiting things, so if you're into that, check it out. And there really is quite a bit of information there if you like recruiting.

I love Fulmer Cup Updates and pray every night with Fitsum and my wife that Texas Tech does not make an appearance here.

SI's Andy Staples has his preseason top 25 and he has Texas, TCU, Baylor and Oklahoma (not in that order) in the top 25. Staples also hates you.