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Tuesday Morning Links on VTM | How to Help Moore; Whitaker Named WBB HC; Football Recruiting Rankings

How to help Moore, OK. Candace Whitaker is named the Lady Raider Head Coach with a press conference this morning. Football recruiting rankings should be taken lightly now and Gundy gets grilled by his own.

Denis Poroy

Moore, Oklahoma Tornadoes

I never know how to handle tragedies. I just don't. I didn't know how to handle the Waco explosion. I didn't know how to handle the Boston bombings. I don't know how to handle children and families dying in tornadoes. I just don't. I added Crimson and Cream Machine's post from yesterday where they are helping to raise money for the victims of the Moore, Oklahoma Tornadoes to VTM's front page. Give if you can.

Odds and Ends

#longreads NYMagazine with a terrific look at Richard Branson's space travel out in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico.

Women's Basketball

Texas Tech made it official yesterday in naming Candace Whitaker as the next head coach for the Lady Raider basketball program. I have a post coming up later this morning with more quotes and detail that you can use for the open thread for the 11:00 am press conference. The LAJ has articles on the hiring, Whitaker's resume and quotes from her contemporaries.


The LAJ has a look at the numbers for the Big 12 Baseball Championships. Games start on Wednesday. Speaking of baseball, Pistols Firing has the details on the West Virginia team, who was on their was to Oklahoma City and stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up supplies for Moore.


So I've done a Q&A with one of the SB Nation recruiting gurus for SBN, BON's Wescott Eberts and I hope to have that ready to publish tomorrow. In the meantime, the other SB Nation guru is Bud Elliott, who writes that we all need to take the early college football rankings with a grain of salt. That goes for those of you who are boasting about the high team ranking for Texas Tech and those of you concerned about players not having enough stars. Be patient until some time after the summer.

Per the SAEN, good to see that Dan Beebe landed on his feet with a $5 million buyout.

ESPN's David Ubben absolutely hates you and now he's just rubbing it in. He listed the players that just missed his list for the top Big 12 players, which includes some Texas Tech folks. Also, Ubben thinks that TE Jace Amaro is Texas Tech's most indispensable player.

Remember yesterday in the comments how I mentioned that the good thing is that Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury is not making news for putting too many restrictions on the transfer of DT Delvon Simmons, but Oklahoma St. head coach Mike Gundy is still making waves. This time, Pistols Firing, an Oklahoma St. blog, rips into Gundy as does Barking Carnival. Truthfully, I'm collecting links for the Texas Tech coaching staff. Feel free to send these to various players that might be on the fence about Oklahoma St. vs. Texas Tech.

RP has their critical 20 with #17 Bradley Marquez.

The LAJ catches up Adrian Hamilton, who played with the Baltimore Ravens this past year and played for Texas Tech for a short time, but graduated from Prairie View.