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Red Raider Gridiron | DT Delvon Simmons to Transfer; Spring Updates

DT Delvon Simmons has been given his release to transfer. Spring updates from the Big 12 site and additional updates on incoming players.

Tom Pennington

SIMMONS TO TRANSFER | So the big news this past weekend, per the LAJ, was that DT Delvon Simmons was given his full release and the comments from this past weekend's open thread is that this is just the beginning. Don't believe it. There will always be players that transfer, but for the most part, players stick with their program. I think I could see as many as 5 to 10 or so transfer or not have their scholarships renewed, but overall, that's probably the highest amount. When Tuberville was hired, there were a handful of defensive players transfer or leave the program, including Sam Fehoko, Myles Wade, Pearlie Graves, Adrian Hamilton and probably some others.

I think I can safely that there won't be a large number of transfers, but there will be some (Simmons, Michael Starts and J.J. Loller are on that list as well as Daniel Cobb, but he's had his own issues off the field). There just aren't a lot of transfer players that make a significant difference with their new teams unless then go down a level, to DII or DIII. Remember how Javares McRoy was supposed to be the next big thing? Or think of another transfer that made a significant impact with another Big 12 team? It's just not as common as you think and more rare than not. Remember all of those player transfers to Baylor last year? How many of those guys made a truly significant impact?

Simmons may break that mold in that he might get drafted and he might be a truly impact player for his new program. I'm not sure. I thought that Simmons was good, but not great and he received the playing time to be great at Texas Tech, but that never came into fruition. Perhaps it was the changing of the coaching staffs and players being asked to do more under head coach Kliff Kingsbury than Tuberville. I think that this is probably more accurate than anything else. Accountability and doing more.

Generally speaking, when a player transfers, it may be because they don't like the new coaching staff, but I also think it speaks a bit to that player and most of the time, coaches will do headstands to keep a truly talented and motivated player. Take a look at this list of player transfers from 2012 and how many of those players were really difference makers that made a significant impact?

You get my point.

And as to the thought that losses to Texas Tech is harmful to Texas Tech because it is some sort of lesser team or there isn't as much talent on the team. Let's be clear. No team can afford to lose a lot of players. Ask USC about that. This isn't about Texas Tech or any other program. No program can afford to have significant losses. No program can afford to lose a lot of depth. No program. And if there are more significant losses for Texas Tech, then it will make a difference, but that would be true of any team, not just Texas Tech.

BIG 12 SPRING UPDATES | The Big 12 site has their spring updates of every team and some how I missed these.

INCOMING PLAYER UPDATE | The LAJ has a ton of updates on a lot of players, including the following: DB Martin Hill; ATH Dee Paul; ATH Caleb Woodward; WR Carlos Thompson and possible recruit DT Abu Lamin. A lot of information there.