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Tuesday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-05-14

How to be a good fan. The NCAA can't seem to get along in a couple of situations. TAMU's Gary Blair not a candidate for the w.head coaching position. Assistant coaching candidates for the program and some miscellaneous football links, including catching up with Brandon Carter, Cody Davis and LaAdrian Waddle.

Leon Halip

Odds and Ends

Black Heart Gold Pants has a fantastic post about the difference between a good fan and a bad fan. I really enjoyed this.


I don't know why there are NCAA links sometimes, but today is one of those days. I listened to this Outside the Lines bit on Georgia offensive lineman, Kolton Houston, on Saturday morning on my way back from the grocery store and SB Nation recaps his story. He has had pockets of fat that held a steroid that he took when he was 16 and so he's not eligible to play, so he's having those pockets of fat removed. HE'S REMOVING POCKETS OF FAT! The NCAA won't really even listen to his situation.

CBS Sports reports that the reforms that Mark Emmert wants to push through is not being pushed through because there is zero cooperation amongst colleges.

Women's Basketball

The LAJ sat down and talked with TAMU head coach Gary Blair, who wants to retire from TAMU, but offers some thoughts about Texas Tech.

Men's Basketball

On Friday's edition of Tech Talk, Chris Level mentioned that there were three additional assistant coaching candidates: Howard JC head coach Mark Adams (father of current player Luke Adams), Concordia head coach and AD Stan Bonewitz (former Texas Tech player) and Jason Sasser (former Texas Tech player). I don't know what Jason Sasser is doing right now, but I did find this link where he was helping with player development with the Texas Legends of the NBDL in 2011. Level sounded confident that one of multiple folks from this group would be hired as assistants at Texas Tech.


Texas Tech released the parking plan for the Thursday night game for TCU. Classes will continue, someone mentioned because they are not permitted to cancel classes. That makes sense since Texas Tech is a college and stuff. Maybe the solution needs to be somewhat grass-roots, which is for the professors to plan for this and ramp up their syllabus so that they'll all be able to take off in that Thursday. I really don't know if there is a workable solution and if you're worried about Thursday classes, well Friday should be well-attended, right?

The LAJ has an article on former Red Raider Brandon Carter as a personal trainer at Zach Thomas' gym. This was really good to catch up with Carter.

SB Nation has Kansas coach Charlie Weis on defending Bob Stoops on this whole Big 12 vs. SEC stuff. I haven't written about this because it seems like an impossibility and these coaches are incredibly loyal to their conference. It happens in basketball as well, but this seemed like a blown up story for no reason at all.

Our friends at Crimson and Cream Machine are doing their post spring assessments of Big 12 teams and have completed the Texas Longhorns and the TCU Horned Frogs.

I linked to this in the comments yesterday, but wanted to link again. The STLToday has a good story on Cody Davis making an impression with the St. Louis Rams. A new link is MLive on LaAdrian Waddle's impressive rookie showing with the Detroit Lions.