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Monday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-05-13

The season has ended for the women's tennis team. Links on the recruited players after Kristy Curry has left and some candidates for the head coach position. The baseball team is struggling, but very young. And some miscellaneous football links.


The women's tennis team and their incredible run ended yesterday with a 4-3 loss to Duke. The LAJ recaps the loss and the weekend. A big guns up to these ladies. I mentioned this yesterday, but the win on Saturday against the College of Charleston was the first NCAA win in the program's history. They didn't advance, but this program is headed in the right direction. Congrats on a great season. Don't let that head hang down too much as you all have a lot to be proud of.

Women's Basketball

The LAJ has two follow up articles on the situation surrounding Kristy Curry leaving to take the head coaching job at Alabama. The first article is about the signed players and committed players for Texas Tech and Curry, but now that Curry has left, they are a bit uncertain about their status. The second article takes a look at some prospective candidates. I think they are spit-balling at this point and I did see some names that I had not seen mentioned by you all.


The LAJ has an article about the rough season for Texas Tech, but head coach Tim Tadlock thinks that the team is headed in the right direction. A lot of freshmen and sophomores played this year, so I do believe that this is a very inexperienced group. I would add that I'm pretty ignorant about how baseball recruiting works, but the article mentions there is only three seniors, but in looking at the 2013-2014 recruiting class there are nineteen committed players. I know that some players will be drafted, but still. I don't get the math here. I also see that Texas Tech has a 6-9/265 pitcher committed.


RRS has their spring recap of West Virginia. I don't know how that team is going to be good next year with so many new players. SB Nation has a story on high schooler WR K.D. Cannon as he tries to figure out where he wants to commit.