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Red Raider Gridiron | Thoughts on the Post-Spring Depth Chart

Texas Tech released their 2013 post-spring depth chart and there is some player movement within the two-deep.


Texas Tech has released their 2013 Post Spring Depth Chart and it's linked below. I don't think the heights or weights are updated, so pay no attention t those unless you want to refer to year old weights. Here are some quick thoughts:

QUARTERBACK COMPETITION | Not really at all surprised by the "or" at quarterback. I think that head coach Kliff Kingsbury wants to push the quarterback competition and really doesn't want either of them resting on what they've done thus far.

RUNNING BACK DEPTH | Also not surprised that DeAndre Washington is at the second spot despite the fact that Quinton White may have had one of the best springs on the team. I think that speaks to Washington's ability more than White and that's how good they think that Washington can be. I'd also add that with White, he'll be the bigger back to some of the smaller backs that are currently being recruited. And to think Tyler Middleton hasn't even been mentioned yet.

FOSTER TO INSIDE RECEIVER | Sadale Foster appears to have been permanently moved to inside receiver behind Jakeem Grant. That is a ton of speed at inside receiver and I think that this is the right move considering Washington and where he's at in the pecking order of running backs. No doubt in my mind that Foster needs to play and this is a great spot for him.

KENNAN STARTING AT RIGHT TACKLE | After re-watching the film on Trey Kennan, I'm not at all surprised that he's going to be at right tackle. He's really athletic and I think this is the right spot for him. I don't know about Rashad Fortenberry, but he's got to get stronger and better to make a difference here.

MORALES BROTHERS TO PLAY ROLE INSIDE | Alfredo Morales is a backup and Tony Morales is at left guard, but it wouldn't at all surprise me to see both of them receive significant snaps as the season wears on. They're going to be really valuable I think and I could see Alfredo pushing the right guard spot with Carpenter. I think the problem with Carpenter is that he's a bit stiff and tall for guard, but maybe not athletic enough for tackle. That's problematic.

OPPORTUNITY AT BOUNDARY CORNERBACK | The biggest surprise on defense is Olaoluwa Falemi at the boundary cornerback spot along with Derrick Mays. This means that Jeremy Reynolds, Brandon Bagley and Theirry Nguema didn't push Falemi out of this spot. This means that Dorian Crawford is going to have an opportunity at one of the cornerback spots, the boundary spot (which is usually the bigger corner). As an aside, I love Bruce Jones at cornerback. He is not afraid of contact and I really like what he does. I think he's going to be very solid for Texas Tech next year.

SMITH OFF THE TWO-DEEP | I think the front seven is pretty much set on the two deep and the only thing that I think is different is that Anthony Smith may have been pushed out by Donte Phillips at the nose tackle spot.

WHERE DOES ALSTON LINE UP | I'm also interested to see where Demetrius Alston will eventually line up. He's 6-3/260 and he played defensive end in JUCO, but I don't know if they see him as being an end behind Kerry Hyder and Dartwan Bush.

SIMMONS SWITCHED BACK TO TACKLE AND HYDER AT END | I think that earlier this spring, Delvon Simmons was at that defensive end spot, but they've flipped Hyder and Simmons. Simmons is back at defensive tackle. He really does have so much size and I think the thinking is that they want Dennell Wesley, Simmons, Branden Jackson and Hyder starting at the same time. That's a pretty solid front four.

EGUAVOEN AND AWE MAKE A MOVE | I mentioned in yesterday's comments that I really liked Sam Eguavoen and Micah Awe and thought that Tuberville's recruitment of these two players was spot-on in that they are sideline-to-sideline linebackers that can cover a lot of ground. Now Awe is your starting middle linebacker over Blake Dees and Eguavoen is your starting weakside linebacker over Will Smith. I am not at all surprised by this.

DEPTH AT SAFETY | Despite losing D.J. Johnson and Cody Davis, I do like the options at safeties and with Martin Hill coming in as a JUCO along with Jalen Barnes, I like the options even more. Keenon Ward and J.J. Gaines can play. I'm pretty sure of that. I hope that Tre' Porter has found a home as he needs to be on the field, but I'm actually pretty happy with this group after watching the spring game.

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