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Wednesday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-05-01

Morning links: rest in peace Denton Fox, tennis, baseball, men's basketball, and football.


Former Red Raider and All-American cornerback Denton Fox passed away at the age of 65.


The women's tennis team will host NCAA Tournament first and second rounds and earns the overall 16 seed! Just incredible. The LAJ recaps.


The baseball team beat #17 New Mexico 12-8 yesterday with a recap from the LAJ. Really needed this win.

Men's Basketball

There is more coverage of hiring assistant coach Alvin "Pooh" Williamson and staffer Joe Esposito. The official site has some quotes and you can watch yesterday's somewhat informal press conference. The LAJ also recaps yesterday's events.

The LAJ also spoke with new commit Robert Turner, who seems genuinely excited to join Texas Tech and knows that he's got some hard work in front of him.


The NFL had the top free agents of the draft and interestingly only LaAdrian Waddle made the list.

2014 QB commit Patrick Mahomes spoke with the DMN about recruiting and he sounds incredibly solid about his commitment to Texas Tech. 24/7 Sports also has a recruiting roundup along with K-Sate and Baylor.

Frogs O' War takes a look at the incredibly bro football team and coaching staff of Texas Tech. I think I want to add a "deal with it" gif here and emphasize something someone else has already said, that TCU lost to Tuberville.

I haven't even had time to read this, but SB Nation has a feature on the future of the spread offense with Ole Miss and Mississippi St.