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Red Raider Gridiron | Midland Scrimmage Re-Cap

All of the links to this Saturday's scrimmage in Midland with standout performances from some young players.

Brett Deering


I never feel comfortable talking about a game that I didn't see, so I won't. I'll try to round up as many stories as possible so that you can get an idea as to what happened.

QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY | The subject is apparently misleading, but the quarterback competition is between Michael Brewer and Davis Webb. There were a handful of stories from Sunday that focused on the quarterback competition, including theLAJ, the DMN and MyWestTexas. This bit is from the LAJ:

Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said no one should read anything into Webb going with the first team Saturday. However, he acknowledged the battle for the job is between Brewer, Seth Doege’s backup last year, and Webb, who has overtaken redshirt freshman Clayton Nicholas, senior squadman Brant Costilla and sophomore Dustin Walton.

THE FANS | The other big story was that over 7,000 people showed up for a scrimmage. I didn't have any expectations as to the number of fans, but that sounds like a terrific turnout. The LAJ, DMN and MyWestTexas (and a second story) have stories about the fan support

RECEIVERS OUT | Both Eric Ward and Bradley Marquez were out, just being careful, and that meant that Reginald Davis and Shawn Corker both had time to shine. The DMN talks with Co-OC Sonny Cumbie about both players and here's a bit on Corker:

"Shawn came over this week and, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, has done really well," Cumbie said. "He has put himself in position moving forward, from practice eight on, to get in the mix and help us in an offense. That’s really encouraging.

"He does some good things route wise as far as being dynamic in his releases and understanding leverage. His biggest deal is just continuing to work from his hands. But from an explosive ability and knowing what to do, he knows what to do and that’s been encouraging to see."

NOTEBOOK THINGS | Both RP and the LAJ have notebook type of things where they look at multiple positions. I'll just tell you to go read both articles.