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Red Raider Hardball | Texas Tech vs. Kansas St.

The Red Raiders travel to Manhattan, Kansas for a three game series with the Kansas St. Wildcats.

Texas Tech (17-11, 4-5) vs. Kansas St. (20-10, 3-3)
Official Site Notes: Here
Location: Tointon Family Stadium | Manhattan, KS
Radio: Affiliates

No Trey Masek again. This is disconcerting and I think it is a result of "elbow soreness". I hope Masek is doing good because he's dominant when he pitches and is almost a sure-handed win when he's on the mound. When you have to fill out your starters with TBA, then you know that this late in the season, things are not going as planned. From the LAJ, head coach Tim Tadlock remains optimistic:

"We’ve gone through some tough times, and baseball will do that to you sometimes," Tadlock said. "The team that handles adversity the best is the team that comes out at the end. Nobody goes through a baseball season thinking everything is going to be perfect. We’ve just got to keep chopping wood and keep grinding through it knowing that better days are ahead."

This is an incredibly important series with Kansas St. and one that Texas Tech could surely use a series win###

OUTFIELD | LF: Zach Davis | CF: Brett Bell | RF: Devon Conley
INFIELD | 3B: Jake Barrios | SS: Tim Proudfoot | 2B: Bryant Burleson | 1B Eric Gutierrez | C: Mason Randolph | DH: Jarrard Poteete

Game 1 Date and Time: April 5th @ 6:30 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: RHP Dominic Moreno (2-2, 3.69)
Kansas St. Starting Pitcher: LHP Joe Flattery (2-2, 3.95)
Final Score & Box Score: -

Game 2 Date and Time: April 6th @ 2:00 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: LHP Jonny Drozd (3-2, 2.78)
Kansas St. Starting Pitcher: RHP Matt Wivinis (4-1, 4.78)
Final Score & Box Score: -

Game 3 Date and Time: April 7th @ 1:00 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: TBA
Kansas St. Starting Pitcher: RHP Blake McFadden (2-1, 3.91)
Final Score & Box Score: -