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Tuesday Morning LInks at Viva The Matadors | 2013-04-30

Morning links: odds and ends, golf, baseball, NCAA and Football.

Odds and Ends

Excellent feature in the DT with revealing who was Raider Red this past year.


Congrats to the Lady Raiders for earning their 4th straight NCAA Regional Selection!


The baseball team will play tonight versus New Mexico, but canceled Wednesday's game against the Lobos. The LAJ writes about how the baseball team is looking to build some momentum as they have six games at home and three weeks remaining in the season.


So now it is apparently totally cool for conference commissioners to threaten leaving the NCAA for various reasons. Yesterday it was SEC commish Mike Slive and as Team Speed Kills and Bring On The Cats both conclude, this ain't happening because it would most likely mean that these teams would no longer have the protection of being a non-profit entity that is the NCAA. Add in the fact that these people are making a very good living off of of the NCAA and their role as a commissioner and I find this incredibly hallow.


For your football fix this morning, ESPN's Mark Schlabach has his top 25. No Texas Tech, which is not a surprise, but this is something to kill some time this morning.