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Tuesday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-04-23

Morning links: odds and ends, NCAA/realignment, golf, baseball, men's basketball and football.

ODDS AND ENDS | Every time that I hear Big Papi say those words that he said on Saturday tears start to form in my eyes.

TTU Red has a ton of photos from the spring game.

The newest Masked Rider was unveiled over the weekend. Now he just needs a mustache.

NCAA / REALIGNMENTPALOOZA | So, apparently a lot of athletic directors dislike NCAA president Mark Emmert, which is not a surprise. And in the big news from yesterday, the ACC has agreed to a grant of media rights, much like the Big 12, which should end the conference realignment game.

GOLF | The Big 12 Championship for the men has been halted due to inclement weather up Kansas-way.

BASEBALL | The baseball team is to host New Mexico State tonight at 6:00 pm for one game. The LAJ writes that the team hopes that Sunday's offensive showing is here to stay.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | K-State PG Angel Rodriguez has decided to transfer. I don't know what it is, but basketball players transfer a heck of a lot more than football players and I'm sure that this doesn't make you feel any better about Josh Gray transferring, but it happens quite a bit.

In recruiting news, Texas Tech has apparently offered New Mexico Junior College PG Robert Turner. Turner averaged 9.8 PPG, 2.9 APG and 2.2 TPG. NMJC was 26-7 this past year.

FOOTBALL | SBN has a bit on Patrick Mahomes committing to Texas Tech. I hope to have my profile up tomorrow. Texas Football has a bit on the four Texas players that committed over the course of the last week or so. The LAJ has a bit on the overall class and how it has jumped up the rankings, although this is really due to the number of commits at this point than anything else. The fact that Texas Tech has so many commits says that this staff is getting after it. Also from SBN, there's this post about how Texas Tech is after a Florida player, Mike Johnson. Johnson can't remember the Texas Tech coach's name, but that the coach is "really cool". Sounds like that coach needs to get back in touch with Johnson. RP has some additional spring game thoughts and Ubben has his spring game review.