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Texas Tech Spring Game Depth Chart and Information Sheet

Viva The Matadors has it's very own depth chart and information sheet for the spring game. Check it out.

When I started to think about the Texas Tech spring game, all I could think of was what I would want if viewing the game. I could do a preview of each position, but I haven't seen a practice. That would be fake-reporting. So, the best thing that I could think to do was to create a spreadsheet with the game information, the depth chart as reported by the LAJ, add the scoring for the spring game and some information about how the game will be played.

This morning's version is a bit different than yesterday in that I deleted the second page that I accidentally included this morning and yesterday. That's been corrected.

Just click the link above and print it off before the game. Bring it with you. It's one page and intended to be that way. Also I like to fold papers length-wise, so I can flip it to look at the offense and defense. I don't know if this makes me weird.

I admittedly had to guess on some positions. Like I said above, I haven't seen any sort of practice just yet.

If this is something that you like, I'll try to do it during the season, but maybe have some more game information, not just a depth chart.