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Tuesday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-04-16

Morning links: odds and ends, track and field, baseball and the NCAA.

ODDS AND ENDS | I really don't know what to say after the events in Boston yesterday other than to think a good thought for those that were affected. Let's not blame or point fingers here on VTM. It was an awful thing that happened.

There's no easy way to switch gears, but here goes. All of the SB Nation sites will soon permit users to edit their comments for 90 seconds after you hit post. There's a great post on Blogging the Boys that details the changes.

TRACK AND FIELD | Really good profile from the DT on pole vaulter Kyal Meyers. Also, the track team had 12 top-20 performances recently.

BASEBALL | The upcoming mid-week game with New Mexico has been canceled because it is on "dead day". The LAJ has a good post talking about how youth is a factor in the team's most recent slide and it was good to read that. Congrats to Trey Masek on being named to the National Pitcher of the Year Watch List. Last, but not least, the baseball team travels to Houston to take on Rice for two games. I'll have an open post later this afternoon.

NCAA | CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman got a hold of a letter from the NCAA where the NCAA is grasping at straws in trying to get their case dismissed. The NCAA is really an embarrassment and they don't even know it.